Break/Ban Spy & NameplateCCnTrinkets

These two, Spy & NameplateCCnTrinkets, are the worst offenders I’ve seen so far for PvP.


Not familiar with this cc trinket add on and curseforge doesn’t give much of a description.
What does it do?

Getting rid of addons wont make good players suddenly lose to you.


Didn’t they make it to where Spy was far less relevant now?

I have been hearing that damage meters are now restricted to 50 yards as well. Nasty fix if true.


I was reading the context of the dev post and it seems like it only reflects enemy actions.

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no, last night raid logs were inconsistent all over the place.


I was honestly surprised the spy addon had such a large range. To be fair the spy addon often made me paranoid while leveling since it was giving me names of people that were nowhere near me and posed absolutely no threat. The best part is “ROGUE STEALTHED” and the guy is 70 yards away fighting a mob not even realizing you exist.

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Yea I can imagine how that must’ve played out.

Zenona fighting in Eastern Plaguelands

Critsonyou logged in at Stranglethorn Vale.

People must always look for something to blame. Because if it isnt something elses fault, its their fault and they dont like that.

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Nope. Friend as well as foe was nerfed.

100% true, we tested and its broken AF

Source: in the same raid

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I hadn’t heard of this “NameplateCCnTrinkets” AddOn. Thanks for telling us about it, I’ll check it out when I get home.

Streisand Effect Intensifies


NameplateCCnTrinkets shows all enemy cooldown timers over their head. As you may have guessed i would prefer for players to use intuition instead of the perfect knowledge this presents.

These addons are borderline Hacks and blizzard needs to take action to stop this the only reason PVP is fun in classic is because you have the trick up your sleeve your opponent doesn’t know about and it turns the fight in Retail blizzard has removed this from PVP to satisfy the ESO sheep.

Its like a crutch these days thinking banning addons is gonna make you a better player.

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Yes, i think the spirit of classic past is showing us how good things used to be but the spirit of retail future is showing us a horrible possible future.

no, they only decreased the range to 50, its still very broken. it works with eagle eye/ far sight, it lets you scout who is around a corner in a building where you normally wouldnt be able to see and the big one, it can be used to remove the ability to stealth after res when combined with mind vision.

yes, meters are also more limited now

do you think there should be an addon that lets someone that shouldnt even know youre alive to have you targeted and mind visioned faster than you can enter stealth and then tell all their friends exactly where you are? thats what this addon allows and thats what their subpar attempt at batching makes impossible for the rogue to avoid.

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