Spy needs to be Banned, and here is why

As we all know, everyone in Classic is using Spy right now. Whether you like it or not, this add-on is a must-have. Otherwise, you are putting yourself at a huge disadvantage in world PvP, and in future Battle Grounds. Here are a few of the reasons why the Addon should be banned, or be bannable for using.

  1. Ganking is no longer an element of surprise. Obviously, getting ganked is annoying, but its part of the game. Spy completely takes away the element of surprise in a lot of situations. Some may argue that “If there are 20 people around you aren’t gonna know which one is coming u from behind” This may be true, but what if there is no one around you or only a few people, it is very easy to tell.

  2. Baiting is no longer a viable mechanic. In almost every PvP game, baiting or putting an opponent in a specific situation is a huge part of the game. Baiting an opponent is only doable on players that disregard the Add-On, or do not have it.

  3. Most Important IMO Add-Ons are supposed to be helpful, not a necessity for survival. Yes, some can argue that you need cast bars, or you need DBM, etc. While those add-ons are very helpful and even requirements for some guilds. They DO NOT put the player at as much of a disadvantage as Spy does. These other addons may seem like a necessity but they do not give you information that isn’t already presented to you. We can see a cast animation from a frost bolt, we can know the cooldown on Recklessness is constant between all warriors. However, the game is not intended to show nearby players and the headcount. Some may argue “LOL but we can SEE there are 15 people even though we may not count them.” And yes that is true, but you shouldn’t be able to see the 1 or 2 people behind a wall defending their flag without being in LOS. The purpose of obstacles and Terrain in PVP is to obstruct vision, whether it is an advantage or disadvantage.

  4. Just because “Everyone can use it” Does not mean it is fair. Unless you want the game to be empty soon, I suggest you rid yourself of this mentality. People who are against the add-on are going to get fed up with people who want to use it, and ultimately stop playing. Next thing you know the only population that is going to be left is people who use the add-on. Now, you won’t get your gratification of killing someone who is unaware of your presence because everyone knows the whereabouts for everyone. This is going to lead to people getting bored because there is not as much room for PVP, more so a game of cat and mouse.

This Add-On has ruined World PVP, and made it very frustrating for some of the most understanding players. With BGs on the way, I suggest this be a top priority. Personally, I’d rather see this Add-On banned by December 10th and get a second shot at Phase 2 than continue playing a game where kills and staying alive is spoon fed to you.

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People aren’t tired of making these long winded posts complaining about that addon yet? :neutral_face: We had an addon that did exactly the same thing in vanilla and, no, it did not ruin world PvP.


You couldn’t even get one sentence into your post without posting something horrifically inaccurate. I for one don’t use it, and plenty of other people don’t. That’s just the first inaccuracy in your post and certainly isn’t the last. It’s not going away, it hasn’t in 15 years and they certainly won’t start now.


didnt blizzard break the addon already?

Just get rid of combat logs of other players vs other players etc

You could still have dps meter but it would only show your dps


We already have 200 of these posts. Needs to be BANNED.

Sorry, but I need the addon to avoid gank squads. ANd you’d be surprised about how many there are. I know I can’t farm certain dungeons because of p2, so I’m stuck with questing in the world till players learn to duck off.

I clicked on the title because it was obvious bait. Then i got smacked with a wall of text with no TLDR.

Well Guess what OP. TLDR.

Sorry, but the reasons you have listed just do not hold value. You’re identifying components of the game that the vast majority of players do not like. They aren’t fans of ganking, and are not fans of being baited into gank squads.

Your post comes across like you are part of a gank squad like I’ve seen from some pserver players. They have a lock afk out in front of a high traffic area, while 3 rogues are in stealth and a healer hides on the side. You don’t like that there is an addon that lets people know others are there and that there is more than 1 person.

You would have had more merit if your reason was hunting down leveling players through zones. There are people just trying to level safely or get from one point to another without multiple deaths and this addon does make it harder. Sorry, but I don’t see anything game breaking here to warrant any change beyond what Blizzard did.

Something seems a little off, here.