Why Blizzard should permanently ban all players using the Spy Addon

In WoW Classic I play as a Paladin and Priest. The Spy Addon has no effect on me…but it does effect rogues, druids, and Night Elves who use their racial Shadowmeld before a Horde player enters a zone, etc…

I’m sick of watching all of these youtube videos saying “To be competitive in PvP you MUST download the Spy Addon so that you know where all of the stealthed rogues and druids are.” Are you kidding me? Do these people not realize that they are literally destroying the game by saying to do that? There are so many people who play as rogues and druids who are now at a MASSIVE disadvantage…because before they can gank someone the player they want to kill already knows that they are in the same area about to gank them and can either look for them to pull them out of stealth or prepare for the incoming attack. One of the key aspects of playing a rogue or druid is using the stealth mechanic to get the jump on your unaware target. If the target already knows that you are about to gank them…it kills that part of the game and makes rolling a rogue or druid for pvp almost pointless.

I hope that Blizzard permanently bans players who are caught using addons which give them an “advantage in PvP over the mechanics of other classes” within the game.


No one will ever be banned for using an addon. Period.


Then no one should play as a rogue or druid anymore, because that addon alone nerfs your class extremely hardcore. ESPECIALLY Rogues.


You are ridiculous. Also posting from retail account to hide Undead Rogue.


Adapt, expect, and learn.

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Here’s your logic: PvE instances shouldn’t exist anymore. Addons like DBM completely nerf those instances hardcore. Especially ones that rely on managing boss ability timers.

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Just what we needed. Another useless Spy thread.

Spy has been around forever, just like many other add ons. It’s not cheating, it’s not bannable and it’s not going anywhere.

People really need to stop with these QQ threads.

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I very clearly said in my post and even used quotation marks…I hope that Blizzard permanently bans players who are caught using addons which give them an “advantage in PvP over the mechanics of other classes” within the game. What part of that talks about PvE content?

The part where you are completely fine with addons that give you an advantage in things that you subjectively like advantages in but not fine with addons that give advantages in things you subjectively dislike.


How does a rogue “adapt” to players knowing where he is at while he is in stealth? How does a rogue “adapt” to that? Please tell me.

Sadly Blizzard will never Ban Any addons epecially not the one like Spy.
Many were saying classic is ridiculously easy and still everybody is playing with countless addons in the background, countless macros what are doing things for them activating 3-4 skill by pushing down one button, macros what are switching gear and trinket during combat… things what you couldnt do by ‘yourself’ during a fight, stun lock addons, enemy cast bar so you can see what everybody is doing.
Most players are relying on addons and macros and then come up here saying how easy is Classic. I’d like to see how would you perform without these…without an addon what says ‘step aside or you will be burned by Ony’s blast’ because you are to dumb to know when it is coming since you are not focusing on the fight but only pushing your buttons to do as much damage as possible completely unaware what things are going on around you so you need an addon what is yelling at you to do this and do that.
And of course Blizzard never banned and will never ban ppl for using these tools because they need subscribers and their money and since most people are too dumb to be good without these they will gonna use them.

haha, Cringe post. They’ve literally nerfed the range of combat logs to appease you sniveling little crybabies…


Git gud. Learn to play.


  • First, the addon was around back then. The addon does not use any data that is not available to any other player.
  • Second, with all your information gathering, you did not see how Blizzard responded?
  • Third, Blizzard has reduced(corrected) the radius of effectiveness. Obviously, they watched the forums and responded with this change.

Yet, you still decided to create post asking them to “ban” people for using globally available data.


Let’s ban people because Op is upset! Great post!

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  1. It doesn’t tell anyone where the Rogue is when he is in stealth.
  2. If the Rogue entered stealth when he was more than 50 yards away from someone using Spy, Spy won’t tell you a stealth class entered stealth.
  3. If the Rogue was already in stealth, Spy won’t alert anyone that he/she is there.
  4. If someone using Spy is in combat, Spy won’t alert them that anyone entered Stealth.

Please try complaining about something only when you know how it works instead of making poor general shot gun arguments that are not true.


Thats what I say to people that need an Auto Combat Parser to alert them of me in the area!

You realize people have short attention spans right? Just wait out your prey and strike when the time is right.

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With the nerf, the raid if horde is on me before it matters now

People shouldn’t and wont be banned for the addon but the addon should be crippled.