Spy vs stealth

I love ganking unaware players. Its the entire reason i made a rogue. Spy lets lazy players know that im around. Thus making ganking impossible. If you the player didnt see or hear me go stealth then you shouldn’t know that im there. I do not care if this type of addon was available during vanilla or not. From a game play perspective its aweful. What is the point of playing a stealth class if you cant gank. I may as well have a bell on my neck.

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No one cares.

Learn to rogue.


Stealth classes care.


As a person that played Rogue in Vanilla, this is such a non-issue.

Any player worth their weight in PvP is going to actively be prepared for a rogue (IE Hunters always keeping flare up or setting traps).

So you got people more vigilant.

Also, it has a backlash where it use to notify people in the area when they were no where near them which (as I was told) made people unnecessarily paranoid.


Only the bad ones.


How is it not an issue? When enemy players start to activily search for a stealth class that without the addon they wouldn’t have known was there in the first place.


Because you’re upset that you’re not able to just easily gank someone.

Again, any player who knows how to PvP will already be ready for you, stealth or not. Addon or not.

Anyone not familiar with how to deal with stealth is just going to learn and get use to doing the same thing the addon promotes. Being ready.

So you either want easy ganks or challenging HK’s.

It’s not an issue.


Yes hardy har har im a bad rogue haha but what does it say about the type of player that needs this unfair advantage in the first place.


The Spy got a massive hotfix, the addon only read the combat log you can’t do much to “fix” it.

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Id rather be outplayed after an opener than be chased down while in steath even though im 30yrds away from the enemy.


.-. You’re in stealth… you can literally go anywhere and reassess how to attack them after they’re alert.


I would be able to do that if the addon wasnt a thing yes. Spy notifies you if an enemy gos into stealth around you (50yrds) regardless of if im out of sight behind cover. Thus it prepares the enemy for my arrival, even though they personally didnt see or hear me activate stealth.


You appear in their combat log. Their Combat Log. How they process the information its up to they. If they put a addon that process that information in a “cleaner” way, and its not against the ToS… deal with it.


Then they should have to be actively looking at your combat logs at all times to see if a stealth class is near you. Not have a alarm tell you that im there. Again we are talking about unaware prey. If you are paying enough attention to see me in yhe combat log then ok you deserve to know. But having an automated system in place that tells you when to pay attention is busted.


That was the other thing, as I was told, you can replicate the addon by just separating the combat log and putting it in it’s own window.

Easy solution, assume they aren’t unaware prey… as strange as you just put that…

Bob is in a guild. He is a DPS. One day he went to a raid with such guild and try to do his best. At the end of the raid, the GM said to him that his dps was terrible (120 dps!) and won’t get loot. Bob is perplex, how he did to few damage and also, how the GM knows. When he ask they told him to instal recount to check his damage compared to others and try to improve. But he is outraged, the addons add all the damage he does (and others) and tell the end result w/o having to do the math by hand.

Bob go to the forum and start to rant about a addon that let people use information of they combat log, how it can be?!

Bob make a fool of himself.

You are Bob.


Name checks out…



I have yet to say one single toxic thing.


all you people saying its fair obviously don’t play stealth classes, you get ez’d either way so its not a big deal honestly. I can kill epic’d out warriors without barely getting touched and im in full blues. yall wanna keep gaining an unfair advantage and still get slammed? sad


Translation: “I love one-sided fights where people are disadvantaged and easy pickings, so now that UI improvements let players know I’m coming because I’m very bad at my class, I’ve lost my desire to stomp the weak and helpless. This cannot stand!!!