Spy gives a competitive advantage

Those who use Spy have a competitive advantage over those who don’t use it. So is the new norm to now have Spy downloaded by default?

I personally don’t use it but was in a group full of people who had it. Definitely gave me a competitive edge.



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Addons have always given you a competitive advantage. Welcome to 15 years ago.


They nerfed it to 50 yards.

So basically the player is already visible by the time it pops up in spy. I have already noticed a drastic decrease playing off the main road as you don’t pop up on any roaming players spy unless they specifically go to area you are.

It used to be you could detect someone out of render distance and if you had enough people, scatter and hunt them down. This still happens but its no where near as bad.

They had an addon almost just like it in Vanilla/BC back then it was called Paranoia the only thing different is it didnt have a history list.

All addons give an advantage.

Example decurse addons

  1. Let say use only use what you have you. Decurse on fight that gave out curse in a 40m raid average is about 10 to 15 if you focus on it 10 to 15.

  2. With addon you can do 25 easy and still dps.

It’s called knowledge. Knowledge in war is power. You play the World of WARcraft. And yet you don’t want war unless it’s on your own terms. Reroll carebear.

The same thing could be said of having a 12 button mouse or a keyboard with macro keys, or even DBM. Rich people have a competitive advantage by having a computer so powerful that they have many times the framerate of an average gamer. You could do what spy does manually by looking over the combat log, and pro players did just that. spy just did it easier. anyway you can delete the post because blizz folded and changed how the combat log works, spy is broken, move along to the next complaint. #classicturningintobfa Just curious what streamer complained about this and got everyone posting on forums? i think this is the 400th post. God you pvp folks complain alot.

That’s rich coming from a person who needs an addon to hold their hand in PvP.

Yes, but this is not war, its a game.