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222 Holy Paladin LF Mythic Raiding
223 Enhance Sham Looking for raiding and M+ guild
215 Ret Pally LF Mythic Prog Guild
223 4/10M Warlock, 224 5/10M Firemage
217 (H) Warlock / 210 (A/H) Mage, LF Guild
2/10 M Afflic Warlock looking for new home
222 Fire Mage LF Mythic Raiding Team
224 MM Hunter 3/10M LF Mythic Prog Guild [Thrall]
(H) Illidan- 216 MM Hunter, 208 Prot Paladin LF Guild
(H) Ilvl 225 6/10M Warlock LF CE/M+ Guild
217 (H) Warlock / 210 (A/H) Mage, LF Guild
3/10M 222 Shadow Priest - CE Experience LF Guild
3/10M exp multi classer LF guild
Small group lf mythic prog
219 Ele/Resto Shaman lf mythic raiding / m+ guild
4/10M 219ilvl Warlock LF CE guild
[A] 219 MM hunter lf CE guild 3/10M
10/10m Mage Looking for Guild
223 Fire Mage LF [A] 2-day (7-10:30 EST)
221 MM Hunter LF Horde Guild - W
221 MM Hunter and 221 Resto/Ele Shaman LF Late Night 2-day
[A] Hunter/Balance 3/10H LF 2 night 9-12 est raiding guild
221 hunter lf raiding / m+ guild
220 Hunter LF CE Push Guild
Group of 10 looking for new home
AOTC main on Boomy alt LF heroic/mythic raiding guild on Tichondrius ~6pm EST
4/10M ilvl 220 Boomkin looking for Mythic Guild
[H] [US] Boomkin - Experienced Raider - LF Raiding Community
Warlock LF Raiding Guild
221 Spriest LF Mythic Raiding Guild
9/10H 209ilvl [H] Fire Mage LFG
Warlock LF Raiding Guild
211 ilvl Destro Lock LF chill EST adult H guild
Boomie 211 LF Raiding Guild
206 Fire mage 2/10 [M] 10/10 [H] LFG
221 Aff lock [H] 2/10M & AOTC CN LF mythic raid team
217 Boomkin LF Guild
AOTC 217 mage LF raiding guild
217 MM Hunter LF Raiding guild
214 MM Hunter (7/10H) LF guild
Looking for guild 216 ele. 209 mm
214 ele Shaman LF Guild
219 Ele/Resto Shaman lf mythic raiding / m+ guild
216 MM Hunter looking for M+ Guild
217 frost mage lf mythic raid guild
218 MM Hunter LF raiding Guild
Unholy DK (horde) looking for a home
212 UH DK Lf Mythic guild
3/12 M Unholy DK looking for mythic raiding guild
217 Shadow priest LF mythic prog
[H][US] 217 Ele Shaman LF Mythic Progression
3/10M 222 Shadow Priest - CE Experience LF Guild
221 Boomy 3/10 LF Mythic Raiding
[A] 210 fire mage LFG
3/10M 220+ Two dps and a healer LF Mythic Raiding Guild
2/10M Raider looking for Guild
2/10M 1400 IO Guardian Druid LF Guild
216 (H) mage looking for guild
223 Shadow Priest - 3/10M, CE Experience LFG
226 Unholy/Blood DK
225 Balance Druid LFG EST Raiding
[H] 222 Warlock LF CE Mythic Guild
Group of friends looking for established, mature guild
225 fire mage
216 (H) mage looking for guild
[A/H] 222 ilvl Warlock LF 2 Day CE Mythic Guild (Still looking, willing to xfer and faction change)
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Bump! LF Solid RDPS!

Still searching for some great RDPS. Hunters and mages, message me if you want to raid with a great team :slight_smile:

Still looking for awesome HPals or RShams! Calling all RDPS!

Bump! Still looking for a HPAL, RSHAM, or any RDPS!

Bumpedy bump! Looking for Holy Paladin/Resto Sham and all capable RDPS :slight_smile:

Bump! Looking for a Holy Pally/Resto Sham and pref a Fire mage or any RDPS! :slight_smile:

Bump! Looking for Holy Pally/ Resto Sham and all Capable RDPS :)!

Still looking for great RDPS! Healer slots are full currently.

Add me on Discord! Trialing all RDPS. Getting AOTC this Thursday March 4!!

If you can pew pew from afar, come be our ranged dps star… for real though we need ranged

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Still recruiting RDPS!

bumpidy bump, ranged pewpew where you at

offering free foot pics of takesen for ranged dps

Looking for excellent RDPS! We need all. Taking SPriests, mages, locks, you name it we want it!

ranged dps, come claim your PI

Bump! Looking for Ranged DPS for Mythic Prog Roster

Calling all you rare RDPS! Let’s go slay these mythic dragons!

Looking for some hunters or spriests or ele shamalam-ding-dongs

Need all RDPS minus chickens! We’ve had an influx of chickens lately…what is the meaning of this?!