[H] [US] Boomkin - Experienced Raider - LF Raiding Community

Hey there my name is Stomp. I am a veteran MMO player (WoW, Lotro, ESO, Guild Wars, etc.) I am a former Guild and Raid Leader (Mythic Raiding during MoP and WoD), so I understand the commitment it takes in leading a group. I am looking for a community to join that makes playing games fun again.

I would like to raid 2-3 nights a week, Ideal raid nights are Tues/Wed nights after 7PM EST with occasional group activities on the weekend when my work schedule will allow. I main a Balance Druid. I have healed in the past if that is what the group needs. I am open to playing an alt if necessary as well. I am all about min-maxing as much as possible and doing research for encounter and my class in order to make the group and myself succeed. During raids, I dont mind foul language and inappropriate jokes, but we still get down to business when it’s time for the next pull.

My goal is to find a long-term fit. It is much like a job interview where it has to be a fit for both sides.

I am currently on Thrall but I would server transfer for the right group. Horde side only.

Battlenet: Stomp#1130
Discord: Stomp#3349

Look forward to speaking with you!

we’re currently actively recruiting ranged dps players, check us out to see if we fit your needs~


hope we hear from ya~

Discord request sent

Hey Stomp,

I sent you a request on Discord if you’d like to chat – I’ll drop a link to the recruitment/guild cliff notes :slight_smile:


Maybe we could be a fit
[US][H][Bleeding Hollow] 1 day raiding guild Sunday’s 6-10 PM EST

Are you getting burnt out? Getting tired of playing like it’s a second job? Challenge the way you usually play the game.

We are on bleeding hollow [H] 1 Day raiding, Sunday’s 6-10PM EST 9/10H

We’re a group of raiders with limited time but still want to clear content. Looking for dps and one healer to push into mythic but all will be considered.

If you have limited time and want a likeminded group of players Add me on discord and we can talk


We are AOTC, 3/10M Castle Nathria & 10/12M Nyalotha. We are a surviving guild, rebuilding to solidify our team to continue progression. We achieved our mythic kills together as a guild and have a solid core. We’re a mid-tier mythic progression guild and as such we have slightly elevated expectations. Performance, attendance, and personal responsibility determine raid spots. We do not hard carry people here.

Raid days and times:

Tue/Thu 8-11pm EST, Wed - heroic clears

Recruiting the following:

  • Disc Priest -

  • Warlocks

  • ++Boomkin++

  • Warrior

  • Unholy Death Knights

We are always looking for exceptional players w a similar mindset

For additional information regarding recruiting/raiding or otherwise, please contact Ivaedra or Zenmetsu.

Btag- Vae#11186, Discord- Ivaedra#2899

Btag- Zenmetsu#1316, Discord- Zenmetsu#4487