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bump~! spriests, mages, hunters where you at?! :smiley:

Looking for all MM hunters, SPriets, mages, and locks to join our crew! We are sooo close to having that golden number (20). Reach out if interested :slight_smile:

Still looking for solid RDPS. Slots are filling up, hit me up!

We are now 2/10M with Sire on farm! Hit me up guys!

Come hang out with us while we kill pixel baddies and pillage their loot

Still recruiting roles for our core Mythic roster. Please see the main post body for high priority recruit specs. All excellent DPS are welcome to apply :slight_smile:

3/10M now :slight_smile: don’t get caught in the dust…join us!

bump this thing pog

3/10M~ pushin’ content boiz hop on the train~! les goooooo

Still looking for excellent DPS candidates. Slots are filling up FAST. Let me know!

Still recruiting! We could really use an unholy DK.

Come join us for charcuterie and boxed wine!

Still heavily in need of RDPS and an unholy DK!

Still have a few spots open based on our needs in the post body. Add me on Discord for the fastest response :slight_smile:

Still looking for solid DPS, we just had a few slots open up. Looking for all RDPS and an Unholy DK still. Hit me up on Discord for a swift response :slight_smile:

bumping this! Come kill stuff with us

Hit me up on discord, looking for all RDPS + Unholy DK!

Where all the RDPS at? exceptional DK’s welcome too…

to the top!

ranged pewpew where you at?