9/10H 209ilvl [H] Fire Mage LFG

Greetings nerds I’m looking for a new home to prog through mythic CN!
I’m open to constructive feedback and always learning/studying ways to become better at my character. These things are hard I just wanna game and kill some bosses hmu <3

-willing to transfer servers.


Preferred T-W-Th (EST)

discord is eternaL#5927
btag eternaL#21856

Hey Boomhehe, we’re currently AOTC building out our roster for mythic progression. Actively recruiting ranged dps, check us out if you’re interested~


Carried is a horde side guild on US Kiljaeden that is looking for exceptional people for our mythic push. We have been together about a month now and have sped though CN to the tune of 9/10 Heroic and in one raids worth of attempts we already have sire to 30%
Our raids are Friday and Saturday at 6pm server(pacific) aka 9pm EST until midnight EST aka 9pm server.

Bnet Gorlock#1163
Discord Gorlock#7739

Hey Boomhehe,

We are TOMB an Alliance guild on Gilneas that is pushing Heroic CN for AOTC.

Our raid leads are 9/10 H. The guild is semi-casual, in the midst of turning into a moderately serious raiding guild, but focused mostly on having awesome adventures with friends and fam.

Our core team consists of committed players focused on mythic+ and raiding.
***6 of our players rank in the top 15 by spec on our realm, so we are fairly good players and just looking to expand our roster.

Raid times are currently revamping, but looking like Tues/Wed 8pm EST for core H progression, and a Sat 8pm EST raid to cap off remaining bosses. (some of our roster is also PST) Attendance is encouraged for two raid days weekly, but isn’t hardcore cuz we all have lives. All we ask is a somewhat regular commitment and good communication (let us know if show/no show for raids).

This guild is a lot of fun and we are all very close friends or even related, so the group is very unlikely to splinter off or fold. Give us a shout, LET’S GO!

Discord: paran0rmal#9167

Hi Boomhehe! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!


Hello Boomhehe
We are looking for a fellow Warlock to join the ranks of Noxis! We are an Aotc guild that has Heroic Sire on Farm and also looking for members to fill last couple of spots on Mythic Core Raid. If you are interested please add me on Battle net @ Havvok#1148 and send me any questions you have! Raid Times are Fri/Sat 8-11 CST

Far Beyond Insanity on Stormrage is currently recruiting all range DPS for our core roster. We raid Tues/Wed/Thur 9-Midnight. All 3 days are not used for progression however all 3 are required. The guild have been around since 2008 however stopped raiding during Legion and recently came back. The rebuild have been going very well and came together quickly. Great people, fun friendly family environment. We are not a hardcore guild aiming for cutting edge however we will tackle mythic content one boss at a time and hopes to achieve it. Current progression after 4 weeks is 9/10 heroic.

Btag: Krazy#1922 or Discord: Krazy#6618

Hey Boomhehe, we are 3/10M on Area52 and raid 8:30-11:30pm EST T/W/Th. Leaving you more details below but would love to chat with you about a spot on our mythic team.

Hey! Would love to talk to you about joining our guild. We are in need of a mage!

We raid wed/thurs/sat(optional) 9-12 EST
Horde - Bleeding Hollow
Very strong core of players - lots of experience and talent. Multiple Ksm’s, many keys away. As well as 2k+ rating pushing.

Add me on discord to talk more. Br33ze420#9584