Group of friends looking for established, mature guild

Become part of the HERD! Check out our guild recruitment message. I think you would check a lot of boxes.

Hey Aphelleon,

We are TOMB an Alliance guild on Gilneas that is pushing Heroic CN for AOTC.

Our raid leads are 9/10 H. The guild is semi-casual, in the midst of turning into a moderately serious raiding guild, but focused mostly on having awesome adventures with friends and fam.

Our core team consists of committed players focused on mythic+ and raiding.
***6 of our players rank in the top 15 by spec on our realm, so we are fairly good players and just looking to expand our roster.

Raid times are currently revamping, but looking like Tues/Wed 8pm EST for core H progression, and a Sat 8pm EST raid to cap off remaining bosses. (some of our roster is also PST) Attendance is encouraged for two raid days weekly, but isn’t hardcore cuz we all have lives (we are mostly +30 w/ family). All we ask is a somewhat regular commitment and good communication (let us know if show/no show for raids).

This guild is a lot of fun and we are all very close friends or even related, so the group is very unlikely to splinter off or fold. Give us a shout, LET’S GO!

Hit up: Lowlyfe, Unholytank, Voidamort, or Putrefax on Gilneas-US or you can reach me on Discord: paran0rmal#9167

Dirty Mike and the Boys(H) Malganis is looking for a few people. We raid Tuesday and Thursday 9-12 est. We’re 8/10 Heroic and in need of a few more quality people. We do mythic+ on our off nights for anyone interested. Laid back. Most members are 30+ Feel free to add me on Discord MtMan#2491 or BNet MtMan#1965 for any questions.

Hey! Union’s Only is a heroic raiding guild centered on Zul’Jin - Horde! We raid Wednesday nights from 7-10 EST and are often doing mythic+, old content, and timewalking other times during the week. We are a group of raiders who have been together on an off since Wrath and are looking for fun, no-drama people wanting to progress through raids or just have fun hanging out in the game.

We are currently 6/10 heroic and looking to progress further. As of now, we don’t have any plans of doing mythic raiding.

Hit me up at Luctus#1761 if you want to talk!

Hey! What are you guys running class-wise? We do a lot of keys but would love more bodies to do more teams. We’re 10/10H - wanting to fill up our squad to get a solid 20 for mythic. We’re an AOTC focused guild, not planning to push CE but we want mythic prog in between tiers in a dedicated fashion.

Raid times are Tues/Weds 9-11pm PST (12am-2am EST)

Hey Aphelleon, our guild is currently building it’s mythic roster, particularly in need of some ranged dps players to fill out the comp. However, we have plenty that are interested in m+ keys and welcome casual players to come hang out and have a home! The leaders of the guild were also alliance before rerolling and forming this group on Horde, so ya’ll can say heroism together or something :stuck_out_tongue:

come check us out if you’re interested~

If you haven’t found a guild would love to chat to see if we are a fit.

Hello, Collateral Damage on Proudmoore [A] is recruiting for mythic progression. Our days and times are Saturday and Sunday from 9 pm to 12 am pst (12 am to 3 am est) if you’d like to know more let me know. Good luck finding a guild.

I Give NO Fox is an Illidan based Horde guild that focuses AoTC with progression into Mythic. We are a new guild and want to form a solid Raid Team before taking on the bosses of Mythic Content. We are currently 9/10H, raiding on Tues 630 - 930p and Thu 7p - 10p, all times Central.

We need and have available slots for the following:

Warlock, any spec
Mage, any spec
Hunter, BM or MM
DK, Frost or Unholy
DH, Havoc

We are also interested in adding a Ret Paladin, an Arms Warrior and a Balance Druid.

The Guild is made up of Working adults who to have fun while we blow off steam playing this game. Our atmosphere is relaxed and casual, but we do take killing bosses seriously.

If you want to ask questions I can be reached on Discord Tulgurth#1113 or Btag: Ainenya#1526.

Would love to talk to you and your friends and see if we can make things work. Hope to hear from you and until then, Good Luck and Have Fun !!!

Morning Aphelleon,

Obvious Immortalis Plug is a newly formed guild on stormrage looking to add members who love raiding and mythic plus :slight_smile:

We were formed by a group of friends coming over from horde to set up a guild where the main aim is to have a group of folk who enjoy playing this and other games together.

In terms of raiding we will be getting AOTC every tier, maybe a couple of mythic bosses if we feel it and we have groups shooting for keystone master, we also have players just happy to hang out and have fun.

Realize you said you are looking for a more established guild but thought I’d take a shot at seeing if you’re interested anyway, if you are my disc is yabigchoob#1967, feel free to hit me up with any questions


Hello Aphelleon, If you and your friends are still looking for a new home please feel free to add my btag: Kitsune#1784 I would love to chat with you all about our family.

Spire is a raiding focused guild based on Mal’Ganis.


  • Mon/Wed 8-11CST
  • Heroic Focused (If we have the progression and numbers we will transition to Mythic after Heroic is cleared)
  • Currently 10/10N 10/10H

Priority Needs

  • Warrior/Mage/Boomie for Progression Raid Roster. Any and all skilled dps players will be considered. Preferably with offspec for tank or heals.
  • Holy Paladin or Resto Shaman for Progression Raiding.
  • Healers and Tanks for M+ (Can’t make a raid schedule? Come 5 man it up!)
  • Log are appreciated, but not required.

Required Addons

  • DBM or Big Wigs
  • Exorsus Raid Tools
  • Weak Auras

About Us
Spire was formed in 2016 by real life friends to play Star Wars: The Old Republic. We contain members who have played WoW since Vanilla and have raided in top US 150 guilds all the way to players getting their first taste of raiding. We believe in coaching and encouragement can guide a player into better raid performance. We are all working adults who like to down pixel bad dudes in our spare time. Spire has a zero drama policy and it is enforced strictly. Our guild chat and Discord is adult oriented, also a sense of humor is required. We play many other games in our downtime.
Beetus#11493, Prizefighter#1911, Jaseypoo#1320, ntwkman#1957

Hi Aphellon,

We are a newer guild, but our members have been together for a few years before we decided to branch out on our own. Currently we are 9/10 H and have killed as many as 7 heroic bosses in our 2 hour raid window. We are going to be pushing to get realm first AOTC in patch 9.1 (it’s a smaller realm so that’s not super hardcore)

Would love to chat with you more! Hop in our recruitment discord and bring your friends along and we can discuss your potential future with us!

What nights y’all raid. We are 7/10 and are also needing a few people. Wouldn’t mind discussing a joint venture

We raid Tuesday and Thursdays. We’re 9/10 now. I don’t think we’d be much into a joint venture.

Hello! Quantum is a horde guild on Illidan… we are currently 10/10H. We are just starting out in some casual mythic (1/10) and have spaces to fill! We are a nice, chill group of players looking to fill our mythic roster. We like to laugh at wipes and have a fun time while still progging content. We are currently full on tanks for raid, but have space for all 5 of you (as heals and dps). We raid Wed / Fri 9pm - 12am est currently, but are looking at swapping to Wed/Thurs at the same time. If you’d like more info, you can reach out on bnet. Badvista#1863


Hey! We would love to have you in Reign of Misfits (though we are hordies)!

Most of us are around 30+ with a few on the younger and older end! We are social, tight knit, and always looking for friends to join us on our chaotic shenanigans!

We are currently working through Heroic Progression 5/10 and would love more people who fit well. You can hit me up on Discord - XxSapphireRiot#4635 - or Bnet - SapphireRiot#1299 - and we can chat more!

Heya Aphelleon,

We are an alliance guild that has Normal raids on-farm and progressing on heroic at the moment. We have raids on Friday starting at 6 pm " Friday fun day" we all grab a few beers and have fun. Saturday raid starts at the same time. Are guild Is a bunch of good mature people that are drama free. We are also grouping up regularly for M+ content. Most of our guild have been playing on and off with each other since vanilla.

(One Shot Is Never Enough) Bleeding Hollow Looking to Grow our Mythic Team 3/10M Tue/ Thurs 9est to 11:30est. RBG’S on the weekend.

We have 3rd raid night every other week on Mon. Returning Players and casual Players welcome. Need War, Monk & Flex DPS/5thHealer. Fenadorm#1793

Hi there Aphelleon, Persistent is a [H] Raiding guild on Turalyon. We are looking for more players to join our Raiding team. We are currently 9/10H working on getting more for our Mythic Raiding team. Raid times are Tues/Thurs 9-12 server or est time zone. We would love to chat with you. Contact Coco#6386/Chazavier#4512 on Discord for more info.