[H]<I Donut Care> Tues/Thurs Raid Recruitment

I Donut Care is a semi-hardcore guild 10/10 H 4/10 M CN. Our main focus is to provide players with a good atmosphere to enjoy the game and cooperate together as a team to achieve AoTC every tier, Keystone Master, and dip into Mythic for the challenge.

We raid 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM (CST) Server Time, Tuesday and Thursday, with pick up days if members are for it.

We are currently looking for…



A guild is only as good as its members, if you sit back and do nothing or say nothing you will indeed feel left out, a community is built on trust, a mature social attitude and teamwork.

If you have any questions feel free to message myself, BNET JrSlacker#11372 or Discord JrSlacker#1624 , or any member online.

Tank LF raiding guild
Exp. Prot Paladin 213 LF CE focused Guild
[H] 215 Unholy DK LF mythic raiding guild
221 Hunter LF late night raiding guild
Unholy DK ilvl 204 LF Guild
221 Prot Pally Looking for Guild
223 5/10 m prot warrior lf mythic raiding guild
206 WW Monk
[H] 2/10 blood dk/brm/vdh looking for ce guild
213 UH/BD DK looking for a new guild
215 Boomkin LF Casual Raid Guild
9/10H 210 Lock & 6/10H 207 SPriest LF AOTC/Mythic Raid Guild
US horde 195 fire mage looking
10/10H Guardian Druid w/Balance OS LF raid team
213 dps warrior lf new guild to raid in
[H] or [A] Vengance DH/BrM Monk LF 2 night AOTC/Mythic Guild
212 Fury warrior LF RAID TEAM
[H] 213 BDK LF mythic guild
211 Fire Mage LF Late Night Raid Guild
4-6 AOTC players with CE exp LF [H] Guild to absorb
215 Ele Shaman, and 215 Fire\Frost Mage LF Horde Raiding
Returning Ele/Resto shammy LF Late raid guild
215 Shadow Priest LF raid group
218 aotc spriest lf late night guild
[H] 209 BM/MM Hunter LF Heroic Guild - Long Time Player
[H] 201 Unholy DK Lf raiding guild
210 WW Monk 9/10H 10/10N LFG
[H] Ilvl 186 Unholy DeathKnight
216 Fire Mage, 1150io, 9/10H, LF Horde Guild
205 Affliction Lock *Horde* 10/10 N 5/10 H, LF casual but serious AOTC Guild!
[H] Feral Druid LF Guild
202 Prot Paladin w 200 Arms Warrior LF Raiding guild
Shadow Priest LFG
204 MM hunter LF late (10est or 7pst) raiding guild
Hunter LF AOTC/Mythic Guild
LF Guild: Group of (VDH, BDruid, FireMage, and UDK) LF Guild (H)
Multiclasser LF AOTC Guild
213 2/10 Havoc dh lf late night guild
Aotc multi class LF weekday guild
[H]206 Boomkin LF Raiding Guild
204 MM hunter lf for 7 pst raiding guild
213 Aff Lock | 9/10H | Recently returned to Illidan
Hunter/Lock LF Guild
[H] 220 MM Hunter +1 looking for guild
Balance Druid, Fire Mage, Enhance Shaman looking for active guild
Holy paladin looking for guild
[H][US] 215 DK TANK (with healer alt) LF guild
217 Boomkin LF Guild
Please Delete
Warlock LF Horde Guild
3/10M, 224 ilvl Guardian druid LFG
221 Prot warrior LF Raiding Guild
[H] [Area 52] 221 MM Hunter looking for guild for Mythic Progression
[H] Tank and DK/Healer LF 2night/wk M guild
Group of 4 LFG 220 VDH 220 Lock 220 Shaman (Ele) 219 hunter
201 MM hunter looking for raiding guild
[H] 225 boomy / 222 resto 3/10m lf raiding guild
223 Ret/prot lf 2night Ally or horde
HPal looking for raiding guild
Returning player LF Guild

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Don’t be shy.

Hello :slight_smile:

Hi I’m a frost dk looking to bump this post

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Friendly boop looking for DPS.

AOTC first week! :slight_smile: Bump

WTB Mage :slight_smile:

where mages, hunters (no seriously we have zero), and hpals at :eyes: :eyes: come dps things and/or keep my butt alive while I get smacked in the face.

Still looking!

Friendly bump, still looking for more!

We need range DPS :slight_smile:

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We need a tank & DPS :D!

Still need tank & more DPS :slight_smile: !

Hey there,

I’m looking for some CE progression on my 210ilvl DH. I’m AOTC, getting KSM this week, and have raided all expansion. I got my original AOTC on my 220 pally and switched to DH afterward. My guild stopped raiding after AOTC. I potentially bring along a 220 DK and a 221 Warlock who are also looking to push CE. My IGN is Purplegrrape if you want to look me up or message me.


where are thou DPS & TANKS?


Oh & DPS.

:slight_smile: Happy Easter!