Why nobody likes 3-4 DPS (Jeff Replied)

It’s almost as if you guys (maybe unintentionally) balanced around 2-2-2.


I’ll keep my thoughts on you and your content to myself, as they are immaterial to the discussion at hand.

Back to that discussion, the comp in question had the opposite effect of what you and others intend. That’s the take-away here.

I am sure you know better than he.

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Cool. Can you respond to the Bastion megathread now?


Jeff is alive. :smiley:

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I believe the developers are mostly tank and support mains, so that assumption is reasonable enough.

Well, just speaking for myself here, but I expected 1 to 2 tanks and 1 to 2 supports with more variance. I also expected more hero switching. Naively, I didn’t expect “maining” and “one-tricking” to be so dominant.

We imagined a world where players would be ok with Torbjorn on defense but not playing him on attack. The maining/one-trick mindset led to us having to rework those characters to fit with how the game eventually evolved to be played. I guess what I am saying is we hoped to be able to create more highly situational characters with the thought that players would switch in situations where those characters weren’t as viable.

We like the direction things evolved and in hindsight, it seems obvious that they would evolve that way. It’s not that one direction is good or bad… they’re just different directions and we adapted to what the playerbase was doing, rather than fighting against their instincts.


I don’t think anybody here said it should never be used ever. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Was that back when the categories were split into Offense and Defense? Was it more like 2-2-1-1 or was the 4 any combination of Offense and Defense?

Yeah i totally agree it wouldnt ve as fun. Thats why i never said it would be. But it would at least justify the difference in numbers between the roles currently.

:scream: you dont have to try so hard my man its just a videogame forum full of teenagers.

I think the best comp would be a 1-1-1 and 3 flex. At the very least a 2-2-2.

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Again, I think you must be misinterpreting what I’m saying. My claim is not incompatible with what Jeff said. The difference is “always versus sometimes.”

If you wanted situational picks, that’s fine. But it has to be acknowledged by the devs and playing them in suboptimal situations should be reportable.

too bad most low rank is the 411 experience.
thanks you overwartch…

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As Nepenthe said a while ago, if character switching was the emphasis you wanted to go with, then making characters with such identifiable and unique personalities was the wrong move.

When people fall in love with a character, they’re gonna want to use them as much as possible, whenever possible.


That’s very interesting, and in no small part due to the fact that I thought this was going to be the sort of thing happening. The different heroes and roles are all fairly intuitive – a testament to your team’s work – and so it seemed reasonable to assume. But, as you said, it’s not how it turned out.


love you papa I’m sorry that you get blamed for things you don’t have control over just bc you’re the face of the company :heart:


Perhaps I just misinterpreted your original reply, then.

Why am I getting banned for gameplay sabotage although I don’t sabotage any game?


Yeah, you definitely did.

Though I can see how I could have worded it better.

The problem is with heroes which usually dont get played and are seen as niche are considered troll picks. People report you for picking these heroes even in the situations they are supposedly viable, because other heroes which are more generalists tend to perform even better than them.

People also dont get to practice the hero, when the map they are only good on comes up once in a while. So why play the niche pick when you can just play the hero you always play and have more practice on?

Its not just “one trick” mentality. The community itself doesnt like niche picks.