Symmetra is dead, lowest pickrate yet

It’s the hypocrisy in this statement for me


They can’t at least buff her before then? Maybe let her be a viable-ish hero?

Or if they already have her reworked in OW2 just release an experimental card to live and let us play around with it a little. They don’t need to rework her twice.

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Yeah whatever.

Here’s the harsh truth: Symmetra is not weak, most of you are just bad and can’t get value out of her as a situational hero.

And here’s the real harsh truth: You’re wrong.


She is good for TP to point for passing the choke on many 2CP points. Probably one of my most used strategys last times. Half of the time, my team still run on the other side or does not follow. I dont think she is bad. I think others are just better. And easier. Why working with your team when you can play Reaper as example? Or Ashe? Tracer on higher ranks? Or Widow if she hits her shots…

If your team works with you, she is good at what she was designed for. Making good TP ports is what makes the difference in Symm players imo. But again, you need your team to work with u. Others can work way more independent.

Also: She should be a healing utility support.

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Just label a hero situational and call it a day. Lmao.

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Its because they dont know how to balance sym.

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Jeff stated a while ago (months?years?) that the concept of switching heroes was made alogn side that all heroes arent always useful.

they wanted plaeyrs to swap for the situation…which ppl dont like doing.

tl;dr of it was he said that some heroes arent meant to be usable all the time.

At this point, the only conclusion I can come to is that Jeff is some sort of Godlike Symmetra player and regularly reks Geoff in their internal testplays.


Bad or not (well, she is bad), she is definitely less fun to play.

Once upon a time, Blizzard weighted balance vs. fun equally. Now, they don’t care how enjoyable a hero is, or how far away a hero gets from their original design and identity.

As long as the numbers they see are fine, then its good enough for them (not that the numbers are fine anyway).

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They balanced the fun out of the game


I know it’s bad, but I’d rather NOT see her in games tbh.


please read the following:

having a specialty is 1 thing, being without fundamental tools to function is another. sym is the latter.

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Genji is infinitely better at securing kills and has superior mobility.

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hi, here are more recent statements:

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ifu recall their buff to sym video jeff stated he still expected her to be niche.

you can make a hero more flexible but doesnt mean it will ever be equal to the others.

sym is never going to be not niche.

Went from Hog No shield meta to Dive meta and she is struggling :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:


for more details, look in the post I quoted this from above.

and very clearly, devs have made many statements in vids, in the forum, patch notes and in the reddit ama saying that they don’t want sym to be this narrowly niche.

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I have at least 1500-2000+ hours on Symmetra and taken 5 accounts of sym only to t500. Symmetra is an absolute trashcan now. Blizzard devs did this. They are solely to blame for their own incompetence. It’s not hard to make Symmetra viable. Nor even functional all they have to do is change a few values like revert turret damage nerf, reduce recast to 8 seconds, revert primary hitbox 50% nerf, increase primary base damage or remove 1 level or charge, have teleporter recast start at deployment, increase base splash damage of orbs reduce direct impact damage of orbs to the point orb splash damage actually does the half damage they always claimed right now it does maybe 15-30 % which is functionally useless in game. Also they could triple the ammo restoration on attacking barriers, it’s a useless latent effect. Reloading is always better and by the time it would matter when attacking a barrier Symmetra is dead anyways. So aside from giving something else all these value changes are things the devs could easily do in a matter of a few minutes and vastly fix many of Symmetras non functional kit.

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