Symmetra is very weak right now

From feels I think tracer is harder to aim with than sym. That’s just me but that’s how I feel. Tracer also needs to aim for the head. She also needs to get a lot closer and sym does way more sheild damage than tracer. Mobility as well counts in there. If u talked to some pros I bet they could help u. Jag is streaming rn if I asked he could point out some reasons but I’m kinda tired rn.

I think it’s just a diff between u and me. Refer to my previous statement but that’s just my personal feeling.

I just got back from jag, he said that u have more movement on tracer and since ur not behind a shield u need to move more because the enemy is trying to evade you and u have ur own movement. Also 180s and stuff. Ksf is a dps for la valiant and was on the ya World Cup team that one. USA baby lol

That’s my thing above

Right now? She’s weak right now?

She’s never not been weak. Sym, as a hero, sucks and always has.


Because that doesn’t fix Symmetra smh.


dev comments repeatedly said otherwise:

They’ve repeatedly said the opposite i.e. that they’ve moved into not having very niche heroes.

food for thought: is she “spammy” because of her orbs are to slow to aim or is she meant to be “spammy” despite her sniper like charge time on them and the fact they they went up in projectile speed from the really slow like 10m/s old shield piercing orbs?

something doesn’t line up. either her orbs aren’t meant to be spammed and be more aimed, or her orbs need to be made better at spam. Note that the buffs above regarding orbs is intended to make them more aimed.


I actually would love to a rework to add her in the support roster again.

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I meant more like her left click feels bad to play against as a tank. On the dev comment they didn’t say that she was harder, just that she needs more playability. She didn’t have any before hand

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Get rid of the turrets then do what you want with her. They are one of the most annoying abilities in the game and auto-aim anything should have no place in a shooter (that includes torb turret).

idgi. OP is saying to make her primary deal less tier 3 damage to 160…that’s like 20dps just above sombra level, and for the price of:

  • 2 extra meters
  • going from 2x0.8x0.8 = 1.28s PER LEVEL (like 2.56s to lvl3) to 2x0.8x0.8x0.75=0.96s PER LEVEL (1.92s to level 3; 0.64s difference)

i.e. she’ll be worse in double shield and outside that she’s going to be less threatening to tanks because:

  • she’d still need a team pocket to use it
  • less damage in the long run (which will be the case for team pocket sym scenario)

The changes on primary there mainly just make it more bursty to use against duels with other squishies. it’d still be a sustain damage weapon demanding long duration of use for value in a shorter range for a hero without the sustain for such a weapon (because one literally needs to be zarya for that) i.e. won’t be used as a battering ram all that often…at all and still be a minor aspect of her gamplay compared to orbs + tp usage which a lot of people don’t seem to acknowledge as what she’s using most of the game time for some reason.

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Here is my five cents…

As original poster wrote:

Why not make it smaller and for her gun make so when it makes contact with shield/barriers it charges up way faster.
And for her TP make it so she can teleport further.

teleporting further in 1 cast doesn’t mean much if you can hardly cast it when you want to. the cd mechanic of current tp is just :put_litter_in_its_place: and it desperately needs to be better.

And before you start typing about “team tp OP”, let me just say that old 3.0 was much more frequent than current tp and we had that for >1yr across various metas without any “OP team tping” happening, not even in pro level where their usage with old more frequent 3.0 tp was pretty much the same as current.


No character needs buffs.

The game only needs nerfs so they are on the same playing level…too much power creep

Thank you for constantly reminding people about this because people seems to have forgotten ( selective memory ) when she had frequent TP but wasnt OP at the time it was available but now people call it OP for some unknown reasons.


People simply hate Sym and don’t want her to be played so they will use any excuse they can come up with.

She had a better TP,better damage on her turrets and her beam,longer duration+more HP on her ultimate and she was still considered a throwpick.

But then she got hard enabled by an unnerfed double barrier meta and then people were doing the whole “chicken little the sky is falling” thing.


Hmm changes seems good enough that ill be okay if they did this except sentry turret range to 15m might be a bit too much though ill say 12m is fine.

ah sorry for the assumption. I’ve read too many people basically have too much fear in the “team tp” despite the facts when talking about it for sym feedback + balance discussions :sweat_smile: .

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Yes they do - and I would say most people hate to play against symm. So why on earth would Blizzard buff her? That would not be sensible in any way. People hate playing against Brig and they are looking at nerfing her. People hated playing against Mei - nerf. If anything they would (and in my opinion, should) look at nerfing symm so she is in even less games because she is a tilting hero whether considered powerful or not. She should live down there with bastion.

That is because so few want to play counter like Sombra or Bastion.

I bet even if Symmetra was buffed to competitive levels, the thing that won’t change is the stigma surrounding Sym mains that prevails it. this causes a lot of players to be toxic and assume the Sym main is throwing, so they end up throwing the match themselves.

it took Torb a while to be accepted as a viable pick, it will take even longer for Sym.

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