Why is symmetra not allowed to be good

symmetra’s 8 nerfs were concurrent, in 1 patch. The beam bug was fixed at the same time that they rekt the rest of her kit

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Also her hitbox is still stupidly big.

Also at least refund the cooldown when tp destroys itself due to a glitch. Jesus.

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Sym is fine. You’re playing her wrong.

You mean:

Sym is wrong. You’re playing her fine.

I know it’s easy to be confused though so no sweat!


Nah. I was pretty clear. Sym is fine. I play her in certain scenarios. She works well against double shield, genji, junkrat, doom, tracer, and even widow. If it’s defense on Anubis or Blizzard World and we can’t let them cap first point, I’ll play Sym. Or if we can’t get close enough to do damage. I do just fine when I play her. I don’t play her against everything though. I will play her against widow sometimes. I don’t fight the widow directly. I just control the frontline with the tanks. This usually forces the widow to switch. Not always though. Anyway, yeah Sym is niche. Doesn’t mean she is broken or needs buffs.

So, like, actual data speaks against your claims, though. Yeah. That stuff. Your anecdotes are utterly meaningless in the face of patch and performance history.


Lol. Settle down there. It’s just an innocent opinion.

You’re entitled to your opinions, certainly. But anecdotes are not data, and if you’re going to make claims, you may well be expected to back up those claims.

I can do okay with Symmetra, too. I enjoy the hero (especially with my Tyrande skins). But realistically she is just not in a good place.

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Original Sym was fine. Current Sym is fine. Genji a month ago was fine. Ashe was fine. Junk was fine. All of these characters did not need buffs and they got them. Sure, you can climb if you one trick someone. I don’t think any character in this game should be a “works against every comp” hero. Certain heroes are good for certain things.

devs specifically stated during her last rework she was still gonna be niche.

so…working as intended?

i do wish she’d be reworked into a support as they obviously can’t balance her as a dps.

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bring back sym 2.0 for clear skin


come to think of it kinda true

she just worse zarya lol

when a hero has an extremely narrow niche that she isn’t proportionally strong for how narrow her niche is and plenty of other heroes can be brute forced in her niche to do just as well if not better, then what’s the point of having that niche hero? why only hold her to the standard of “having teammates’ input to gatekeep hers”? why create a hero to effectively not be played?

like is this not the issue with old sym<=2.0 that demanded the need for the sym3.0 rework? is going against this notion not the whole point of the sym3.0 rework?

why hold a double standard just for sym?

any hero that’s really underpowered can legit be described as “not all-round” and “map- and team-comp-dependent” because of how teammates need to compensate for the hero’s weaknesses.

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Idk some players just hate turrets.

She’s historically been D or F tier so that’s where she “deserves” to stay.

  • barriers block it
  • you can spawn something to tank it for you (like with anything auto aim in the game)
  • you can legit use any mobility ability to escape it
  • you can shoot it
  • heck you can even stun/hack/sleep them too if you really want

that is a whole lot more counterability than most cc in the game.

no they didn’t. they said the exact opposite:

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I’d still play her if she played at least 2/3’s how sym 1.0 did.

Turrets used not to kill people (though “Welcome to the car wash” was real fun, rip its no longer a meaningful and usable voiceline)- but to gather info. Let it be like Widow mine, but present the information to the team when your turrets tag someone, or are destroyed. Information is a supports job, bam not a lame healer. Go back to 6 turrets, halve their individual damage. Same turret dps, more range to see whats happening.

Keep the LMB of Sym 1.0. Seriously. Low aim heroes should not be deleted like that, rude af. Adjust damage as necessary, but remember that her range had to be BUFFED it was so short. AND they had to add a de-tether timer since it latched at close range and unlatched almost instantly.

Bring back her slowmo orbs of 2.0. No number changes. Just. Give that. Orb pierces, moved slow, took a while. Now Sym breaks barriers.

But how is she a support? Yeet that teleporter. Get it out. It’s such a huge power budget issue that the devs can’t seem to comprehend low-elo reality with it around and refuse to admit it exists. Change it to something like a healing station, or a zone shield (like when she could pick ults).

Ult stays the same as current, its a huge shield.

Bam. Re-release. 20 minutes of effort if you never deleted any of this. The hard part is balancing and making a release video/dev-note.

And this is why I’m not a game dev.


Because turret heroes aren’t allowed to be viable (even tho torbs rework made him good imo and they just haven’t figured out how to appease sym players and the regular fan base at the same time)

I’ve a feeling that might be true.

We do have an example of this: Hanzo.

Hard to believe now, but there was a time long ago when Hanzo was considered a throw pick along the vein of Bastions & Symmetras.

Then Jeff posted about not liking some viral clip about ‘Handsoap’ being bad.

So they fixed him.

And he’s been part of the ‘acceptable’ roster ever since.

I like how personal feelings and emotions are weighted more than just making an enjoyable game where there isn’t a hero that the dev made that they turned into hating. The devs with the hero they made then gathering a fanbase. That they then threw in the trash.