Can you really blame symmetra players?

They said they would do a Sym support rework again. But I hope they give her a new gun and different abilities because healing turrets are too messy to work in this game.

It honestly wouldn’t be that hard. If she had a crossfade ability like Lucio (makes sense lorewise too) then she can alternate between damage and healing turrets.

Additonally, this can also apply with all of her other abilities. Teleporter/Shield Generator, or even Photon Barrier with some other support ultimate. The possibilities are endless.

To make sure i’m being clear, I would want to be able to place a Shield Gen (or some better support ability) without stopping my access to Teleporter. The same for the turrets, as I’d want to use 3 healing and 3 damaging turrets at once.


I think they could also try to give her an actual heal weapon, you know
Not giving all her main heal exclusively on abilities

Brig, Lucio, and Zen heal with their abilities since they’re off-healers.

Mercy, Moira, Baptiste, and Ana heal with their primary and secondary fire, hence they’re main healers.

I don’t want to change Syms weapon just to make her a healer. As such, she is better to become an off-healer, especially since only 3 of them exist atm.

And what if her reworked abilities don’t make up for enough overall heal and utility and she still ends up being garbage?
In a spot where she’s too limited in healing where Brig is right now. And it’s no point picking her over Ana or Mercy or Lucio.

When everyone including the devs are practically begging Sym’s to stop forcing one of the nichest hero into every where and every situation, it’s really hard to have any sympathy towards Sym OT.

Imagine if your team don’t want to use the tele cheese strat for cheap wins, your hero’s power is already cut in half, it’s no one’s fault but you can’t come crying for buffs.

Imagine your heroes is all about traps and surprise, if you can’t constantly outthink your opponents, they will learn your tricks and shut you down by constantly outaim or outteamwork you. It’s not the hero’s problem, it’s a player problem.

And if you think Sym is not the hero she once was, then play Echo, she’s also a beam hero and can dive bomb as well.

The thing is people want Sym to be viable just like other heroes. And this can be easily done with small changes. Making her teleport worse for OWL or high rank situations in exchange for making it better for Sym herself. This is not asking for too much
Making the teleport have a maximim of 3 uses before it breaks in exchange for faster deployment and cooldown starting when dropping it would help her a lot. Making her range better by increasing beam length, beam level 1 damage or secondary fire orbs faster travel time. Just small buffs to make her compete with other dps

Just like how the main highlight of Lucio and Zen isn’t their healing, but rather their utility and protection ultimates, Symmetra’s highlight should come from her Teleporter and her ultimate.

Clearly she needs the addition of this Crossfade to allow for her kit to heal, and with Teleporter being swappable as well, it could become a new form of healing/utility.

Maybe a buildable that can heal allies nearby, or a cleanse ability that protects any CC in the area, or even something else. The possibilities are only limited by the devs and the fans that stop pushing for changes and improvements. As such, we need to continue to get Sym in the most viable (whilst not being OP) state she has ever been in.

They’ve repeatedly said the opposite i.e. that they’ve moved into not having very niche heroes.

I’d also like to point out there’s a difference between having a niche, and having an extremely narrow niche while also being completely dysfunctional outside of it.

e.g. moira, lucio and brig have a niche for grouped up comps, but they evidently can function in dive and other comps.

sym? due to the devs poor misguided balancing with infinite tp nerf and subsequent changes, they’ve shoved her into a “double shield deathball team pocket or nothing” rut.


you are kidding me, right?
Primary - completely changed how it worked
Secondary - changed how it worked
E ability - completely removed
turrets- only thing that actually was improved instead of removed
Ult - 2 ults competely removed and replaced with something entirely new.

And you want to say the character has not disappeared?

add “never any in-depth tests on the TP as it did for Moira’s beam”

Made a thread recently about what I thought would balance her; the idea was to halve the hp of tp, but bring back some of the shield gen elements and let it give her and allies within 5m 50shield hp that generates persistently at like 10hp/s or something for allies, and 20hp/s for Sym. This would allow her to TP Bomb more consistently and also make it so that TP gets more value when used to either set up Bunkers on the TP for defense, or when it’s used to get to point instead of to get out of spawn lol

Maybe that’s why we never have new builder heroes. Because they can’t properly balance them to satisfy everyone.

Like the post mentioned, their hands were forced by Sym 1 tricks, it would be less time and resources consuming to make an entirely new hero than trying to balance a hero around her niche of turret and team teleportation. Sym mains will never be satisfied until they can force her on every maps everywhere.

I miss dangling the corpses of the enemies I killed as a taunt to their teammates.

Wait, only I did that?

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All her abilities are sub par, and need a shift in values. Put tp on a shorter cd, but short uptime before it expires, so it does what’s intended, mobility instead a spawn boost. Don’t let turrets die before they are attached, in return put a short animation before it can shoot, around 0.25s, add 10hp. Make secondary orbs faster, and a higher potential ‘hold’ time at max charge. Do the zarya treatment on primary, same width all the time, higher initial dmg, lower max dmg. Make beam more visible at the tip.
Give her a decent christmas skin, that’s not just a recolor.

I dislike sym as a low rank player, but I want more variety in my games, instead of sym once every 100 games. She’s only used in hanamura, in my experience.

The :nail_care:t6:s are the wrong colour, but the rest is accurate.

im sorry but i find them so incredibly annoying. they act as if she is the only character in the sucks to have a hero be terrible for 3 years but there are 30 characters in the game, suck it up.

highlight at best

why, 20+ extra damage to her orb didn’t make sense?
but it meant she could one-shot under nano boost, of course it was completely necessary for her character

obviously the hero that’s never seen never needs to show off anything, duh

hard disagree here but, still

this might be acceptable, some can be understandable

but… you know being their most “challenging” in terms of bugs or whatever

dunno how/why symmetra gets ignored even for being considered as a “challenge”, if (i don’t “think”?) really has anything buggy with her transformations, echo included

Honestly this was the biggest nerf and they should revert it

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  1. her niche isn’t team tps and turrets, it’s zoning and getting angles where other heroes can’t.
  2. the design is not the problem here, it’s the devs incompetence. we were literally on a better path and better direction before infinite tp patch (and onwards) happened. she was more flexible in having self agency for uptime due to tp on e that she could use for herself and actually functional in comps that aren’t just deathball. various sym mains were in consensus that sym back then only needed numerical tweaks. but blizz threw it all away with infinite tp because reasons.