Symmetra was nerfed within 9 days for being 4th picked DPS

That was on kings row a hybrid map not a control map

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I demand that hook-trap-turret become a meta-strat!

Sym is too high skill to play…no scarcasm.

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I really like Symetra but I HATED playing against her and the constant slowing robots at every single choke. she was hell to play against on low mobility champs. I think her turrets needed a hard change, not a nerf, but they are 100% annoying and stressful additions to the game for me personally. They arent so bad now, but they were nerfed pretty hard so yeah…

dude, they’ve only been using tp the get out of spawn quicker when the match starts and only to skip choke… people have been dong the latter in ladder for yrs even before infinite tp.

heck the only change to tp use since sym3.0 release has been the massive drop in individual use of tp because infinite tp butchered that and now sym can’t engage nor disengage without a team pocket since her mobility option is either stuck elsewhere or stuck ticking on cd.


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Devs have said otherwise

read’em and weep.


what if she wasn’t balanced to be like that? have you ever considered that sym with her current kit could be balanced to not be just a taxi bot? (see linked post below)

For you :smiley:


bastion is fine if they buff the shields again. but sym needs another rework lol

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Keep posting those sacred bibles sis

We will have our playable Symmetra.


I said “relatively niche”, which is not the same as just “niche”. The devs said “more viable” and “stronger”. That doesn’t mean viable everywhere or strong everywhere. Those phrases are carefully crafted on purpose. You read 'em.

Much as I’d like to see it, sadly I think it won’t happen unless the dev team is replaced.


no. sym is garbage. no skill braindead hero. doesn’t deserve to be meta.

Acquire reading comprehension


2/10 you can do better


This has always been the case lmfao? Sentry cooldown always started on deployal, not on destruction. Otherwise Sym could never be able to replace turrets if they magically dont get destroyed.

They die to a melee hit.

You know what is broken uncounterable? Sniper oneshots from miles away.

You know what isnt? Loud, slow moving balls with minimal HP that have so many delays and caveats that deal very little damage for what they do.

You still havent actually explained how turrets are somehow ‘‘broken uncounterable’’ when they have so many exploitable weaknesses.


Except none of that was true.

Sym 3.0 lost every defensive potential Sym 2.0 had. No more anti-flanker primary, no more personal shield, half the space covered by sentries, no Shield Gen (so no more 275 HP), no more anti-Rein push orbs, etc.

Sym 2.0 had 1.5% to 2% pickrate basically for her whole run. Sym 3.0 had the ‘‘new toy’’ surge then dropped to less that half of that (0.6% more or less) for a whole year before Those Two Weeks™ and now she has even worse pickrate at a record low of 0.3% in some places.

The rework utterly failed in all accounts except making her a memetic broken pick in GM/OWL to cheese 1 or 2 maps but unusable outside that.

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I think it was true. She can be more reasonably run on offense now and still has lots of area control capability. Having half the turrets doesn’t necessarily only cover half the space because each turret is much stronger now. One of her old turrets couldn’t reasonable cover anything. It was more of an alarm for someone being in the area if it was by itself. Her secondary fire is also good for reliable damage now (especially against flankers since the orbs are huge) instead of just slow-moving, easily avoidable spam. And I think her ult is one of the best in the game.

Sym 2.0 was never picked even once in OWL. Not until her 3.0 rework was she really used for the first time. Even if she is relatively map-dependent for them, she’s still used occasionally.

She went from a defensive specialist to a meme throw pick in all but 1-2 maps. Her offensive potential lost literally any edge the moment they nerfed her TP and her overall damage by massive amounts. You are severely overstating Sym 3.0’s offensive potential.

Sym 2.0 was viable on all defense maps and even in some offense maps like Volskaya. Sym 3.0 is a throw pick in any defense map and only really usable in 2 or 3 maps to cheese first point or break terrain.

Basically, Sym lost an entire category of viable maps just to get a couple more of usable maps in offense and KOTH, but she is nowhere near more viable in offense maps that she was before, all the while sacrificing her independancy.

You could use 3 as alarm and 3 for making a safe zone for your healers/sniper, that was flexibility lost in the nerfwork.

Bold of you to assume I care about watching a game instead of playing it. If Sym 2.0 had never been played in OWL I couldnt have given a damn about it, because I have been saying thats a fool’s errand since before the nerfwork and could only get Sym destroyed for everyone else.

Lo and behold, I was and continue to be right.


You brought up OWL usage. I didn’t assume anything.

I brought it up as a BAD thing. People were throwing it left and right not understanding that it was a terrible way to judge a hero’s viability.

You did assume I wanted Sym to ever appear in OWL. I never ever wanted that.