Connections issues not a small problem for a few

below is a by no means exhaustive list of threads about disconnection in game which causes the connection to drop on the pc. it also seems to affect other methods of play such as consoles.
I submitted a ticket and not had a response for over a week.
With people getting up to season long bans for things they haven’t done deliberately is a bit of a bad joke.
It seems the only game that causes this issue as mentioned in the posts is Overwatchm right back to OW1 days. It really needs sorting out!
As I said before… this is NOT a complet list of threads about it. there’s only so much digging through the forums i have the time to do.
This issue REALLY needs to be addressed as it’s ruining the game for a lot of players. i had this issue on occassion with OW1 but it’s conctant in OW2.
I have done the following
scand and repair of ow, reset networks settings on my pc, checked that all av/firewall allows OW(they do), reset router, contacted ISP about connection and they say it’s fine(Andrews and Arnold who have an amazing reputation) and followed all the official advice… i even reinstalled windows as you enver know. NONE of it worked and if i install my samsung printer software there’s an odd error comes up refering to a printer DLL error…WTF???
I have done all due dilligence with regards to this and blizzard haven’t even given me the courtesy of a reply to my ticket, which seems to be a common thing… they just don’t reply to support tickets, especially this issue.

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things SEEMED to be ok with no connection drops for 24 hours or so. i thought …ok i’ll give comp a chance… comnnection dropped and now an 8 hour ban.
can you at least have the courtesy to respond either to the thread OR the tickets* people hae put in about this issue instead of just ignoring them…???

  • a very late in the day auto response telling us that due to lots of games releasing at once and having issues(bad planning) it’ll be quite some time before a response.

I found one a while ago which was related to graphics settings, like higher settings were more prone to crashing the game. Things became a lot more stable setting everything to low.

Then another was due to some weird personal network issue.

I’ve had some problems show up after windows 11 updates, and even GPU driver updates.

There is also the aspect of ISP’s also being crap in some cases.

There is a lot of factors they can and cannot take responsibility for. But I think with regards to the higher graphical settings that cause connections disconnects needs to be resolved.

my ISP is Andrews and Arnold and they are one of the highest regarded ISP’s in the UK and are mostly used by businesses bud. they are good.
As i said it’s a fresh install of windows 10 with all the latest drivers and updates installed.
I’ll give the gfx settings a go but it seems an odd one tbh. my mate has pretty much the same set up except his monitor is an acer pradator and an acer xr341ck and he rarely d/c’s.
Been playing OW since the beta for ow1 and this was an sporadic issue before but with the advent of OW2 it’s constant and pretty damned annoying. it makes competative pointless for me. my son who has a lesser but still capable pc has this issue too. I’ll get back to yoyu with the resdults of turning down gfx settings.
To be clear the game doesn’t crash,hang or suchlike, the connection drops on the pc. no other game does this. But i’ll report back and if it’s gfx settings then that perhaps means there’s bugginess to cause that.

EDIT to add turning down gfx settings had no effect on the issue

Same Issue, Instant DCs with no connection issues.

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Update, opinion from a friend of mine who’s a network engineer. Suggesting that in some cases instantaneous disconnects occur when servers fail to authenticate your login, essentially what might be causing this bug is the server thinks you’re logged out. Though without being able to see backend, this is obviously just speculation.

honestly this was a thought I had, especially since some of the random disconnects log you out completely

haven’t had a disconnect recently tho, worst i get is a random ping spike that gets up to like, 600-800ms for no reason, but it settles back down after a few seconds (or when i die)

I imagine that ping spikes are probably caused by a separate issue, that might be able to be fixed be the typical line of suggestions (DNS flush, router reset, better internet, etc). Instant DC’s specifically can probably only be fixed by Blizzard themselves, though the fact that the logouts also affect the BN client make me think it perhaps stems from a bug with the BN client itself rather than OW2 (where Overwatch just reacts harshly in the form of an instant DC in response to a “logout”).

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