Blizzcon sombra skin

Say i give in and buy the virtual ticket, will all of my account get the skin? I have a console account as well as a PC account. I get drops on both they are tied together, so i would assume so but double checking.

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All platforms linked to a single BattleNet account yes. So one to PC, Xbox One, and PS4. But not multiple BattleNet accounts.


As long as your console account is linked with your account, you’ll receive the skin on both platforms.


Interesting that you can do that, but ccan’t transfer skins from console to PC if they’re on the same account


Yeah… we’re not crazy about that. We’re brainstorming solutions. It’s complicated…


Does it have anything to do with Sony? I know they’ve been against that for Fortnite too.


Complicated how? I don’t pretend to know how coding and legal rules work, but what makes it so difficult if all skins are tied to one account

This topic is about giving them money, not torb

Thanks for the reply, curious how i check whats linked to my i know i received the genji oni skin on both for HoTs…

There is no clean way to check this from I understand. When it comes to items such as:

  • Heroes of the Storm Nexus Challenge items (Oni Genji, Police D.Va)
  • BlizzCon virtual ticket skins (Bastion 2016, Winston 2017, Demon Hunter Sombra)
  • Overwatch Twitch Rewards through either the All-Access Pass, Time-Based Drops, or Cheer Bits

…when you earn an item to a BattleNet account it should pass a copy to each Console Platform you own and have linked Overwatch on. In the event you should ever change the console account you link to, it will keep any previously earned/redeemed items on the older account, but any new earned/redeemed items should then be claimed on the new account. Needless to say, changing linked accounts is NOT recommended.


@Jeff Kaplan Could you please clear up the confusion about the demonhunter blizzcon sombra skin? Is it or is it not going to be available seperately in 2019?

People (various content creators like Overwatch Central included) originally interpreted this quote:

The in-game items for Overwatch, StarCraft II, and StarCraft: Remastered will also be available separately in 2019—further details will be announced at a later date.

…to mean that we’ll see the Sombra skin available seperately in 2019.

A little while after this there were tweets by BlizzardCS which further confused the matter, for example one said:

If the question is - Is there currently another way to acquire this skin, the answer is no. As the blog indicates, some items will be available separately at some point in 2019

I have actually a post that elaborates on this here:

Will there be a blue carbon skin this year? Demon hunters fine. However you broke the theme for blizzcon if there wont be…

I have actually a post that elaborates on this

No you dont, because the original quote implies by saying “the blizzcon items” every blizzcon item (including the Sombra skin) and then twitter says “some items” which may mean not the Sombra skin.

Read the some of the replies below, the Blizzard Customer Support agent later replies with key corrections to elaborate.


Thank you for working on it. I would appreciate any information you could give for why it’s so ‘complicated’ as you say. I feel that after coming to PC after 2 years of console, I’m more affected than most by this. I spent a lot of money on lootboxes and while I don’t regret doing so because OW was a game worth my money. But now, it’s much harder to justify for me when I have lost them all just because I didn’t have a PC for OW 2 years ago.

All I can say is that if you are working on this, I appreciate you doing so and really hope you succeed. It’s really important to me and my enjoyment of the game that I don’t just lose…everything because I wanted to upgrade my hardware.


I don’t say it enough because at this point I just view you as a friend more than anything, but thanks for always helping people out by providing as much clarity as possible, Wyoming

Just in case : can you please confirm that the Sombra skin will somehow be available again later ?

I would love to buy it now, but my sweet student money thinks otherwise.

If you can make something happen that would be awesome!!! Having started in season 2 on console and switching over to PC recently, I miss all the cosmetics I accumulated over the years and events. Now I just look like a noob. lol

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Shouldn’t be the problem since you can use the same account for PS4 and PC. PS4 and other consoles are a different story though.

So it should atleast be able for PS4 to transfer skins to PC and the other way around.