Reviving - Skin Transfer

Hi, Overwatch Community!

I recently moved from playing from Console to PC.
I have spent many hours and money grinding for my skins, event skins, golden guns and levels.

I don’t think players should be punished from moving from one platform to another. You can link your console account to your account, view your statistics, level and endorsement level.
Why can’t we see skins? The developers should implement some kind of feature to transfer your level, skins, golden guns and endorsement level to another platform.

My Idea
You are able to transfer your level, skins and endorsement level once.
Example - You play on PC and you make the step to go to Console - You are level 250 and have a few skins for every hero.
You can transfer your skins etc. to your console but from that time your accounts are separated.
From that time the skins you unlock on your console, stay on your console, the things you unlock on your pc stay on your pc.

This makes everything fair and making the decision easier for people that are wanting to play on another platform.

I hope my suggestion will be noticed by Developers/Staff so this issue will finally be resolved as many people have complained about this.

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This argument has been discussed since the game came out and the devs said they can’t because Sony and Microsoft. But that excuse is really stupid, why can Fortnite do it with no problems? They just want you to buy more loot boxes buddy

Ignore the hater above

That’s from last month on a thread discussing the same thing. it’s coming down the pipeline hopefully.


Being Max level and having everything in the game unlocked, I would love this as well in case I switch to PC at some point.

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They have little reason to allow this from a financial point of view.

I fully agree and I think it won’t be long before this happens anyways since Fortnite has opened the doors. Maybe specific hero stats on your page shouldn’t transfer though, since those wouldn’t accurately reflect your ability to use MK vs Controller. Maybe get an SR reset when you switch, for the version you weren’t already playing

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blizz should just make a paid transfer… pay 40€ and you can transfer the skins.

What? How? Are you rich? That’s like buying the game twice!

What about other non-Blizzard games? They have the same issue. Just because Fortnite got the green light (after so long at that too) doesn’t mean that every single game will immediately have transfers as an option.

It comes down to what can be legally done and what can’t be between each participating company.

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True but overwatch is a very popular game like fortnite. Not to mention but blizzard is a very big gaming company it would make sense for them to do this as it would allow people to buy game more on different platform

Honestly, I’m in the same boat. I bought / preordered the special edition OW back on PS4 when it first came out and linked my accounts together before I even installed.

But then I moved to PC about three months ago. No Noir Widow, or the skins from preordering. It makes me sad I’ll never have Noir widow on PC even though I have it on PS4.

I hope this is true. I’d love to get the things I paid for the first time. To be honest, I don’t even much care about the preorder skins other than Noir WIdow, considering I can never get that again despite paying for it already.

But it’s not just a Blizzard decision. If Sony says no, then it means no. As an example.