Transferring stats, skins, etc

I play on Xbox as of now but I am going to be building a PC soon and would like to play overwatch on PC but I don’t believe you are able to carry over everything from Xbox yet. Does anyone know how soon it would take for this time be a feature?

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Someone asked :

and jeff replied with

This is the only reply we’ve ever gotten about the topic from what I know ,and this was 11 days ago.


I have been asking for this too. I would happily pay to link the two as some form of transfer charge. It’s lame that all my other stuff can’t get carried over. Like I have exclusive stuff that I won’t be able to get again, and almost everything unlocked. Let’s not forget all my owl skins :confused:

Yea, I don’t much care if they do cross-platform but I would love to be able to keep all my stats from PS4 on my Switch, etc.

And stepping in a year later… I think we can confirm that it will never happen. OP likely went to PC and just forgot about the Xbox. Went to PC, but ended up staying on Xbox. Or plays both. Or doesn’t even play OW at all.