Any news about PS4-XBOX Crossplay?

I play OW on PC, PS4 and XBOX. I don’t have problems w/PC version, but you can really notice the difference between the PS4 playerbase and XBOX playerbase (at least on my region -South America-). Searching for new matches on the PS4 is no problem, but on the XBOX some game modes are literally dead.

I know the Dev team said something last year, but are there any 2019 news about it?

Sorry about my English btw, here’s a :potato:.


There really has not been too many official comments about this, the closest statement about this was from Jeff Kaplan a few months ago giving his “opinion” of why there are barriers in cross-platform transfer features (and not cross-play).

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Unfortunately, cross-play with Xbox is something that Sony has directly rejected in most cases, outside of first-party games. Only as recently as September 2018, Sony initially announced plans to allow cross-play for “select third party content,” beginning with Fortnite.

The process of implementing that on the developer side, or even getting Sony’s approval to move forward with it, is unclear. On the bright side, if Overwatch makes it past that hurdle, Microsoft has stated for some time that they fully support and already provide the necessary APIs to implement cross-play with Xbox.


As a bit of (false) hope, if the switch port ever actually becomes a thing and isn’t just some low level rumour, you might see crossplay there.

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Yeah, with that I started to have some hope about this, I just hope it is before other games begin to take more prominence.

Without being a fan of Nintendo, I hope that’s true.

It’s rumoured. Nothing officially has been said confirming it, only a couple of "maybe one day"s from Jeff.

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Iirc Paladins has cross play on Swotch, only with XBox and PC though, or they’ll be getting it

Yeah, same with Fornite. Hence my reasoning for if we get a switch port, we may see blizz look into cross play in some manner.

I gave up on my xbox account.
Lvl 600+
QP you wait 20min+ to get a full dps team
Comp you wait more than an hour to get the worst matchmaking i’ve seen in video games
My SR floats on low diamond high PLAT, and i get paired with
500 Bronze players

SOmetimes matchmaking goes:
team A:
ME, bronze,bronze, plat, mester gold
team B:
plat,plat, plat, gold, bronze, diamond

The SR differences on XBOX already hit more than 1100 on difference. It’s unbeliveable. Oh, and don’t forget that if you loose a game like that you also still loose 25~30 SR. GG

I though: Maybe if i create an smurf account i could play without worry.
NO. More than 30min queues on QP.

Just make OW Free to Play on xbox, no one plays anymore.

PS: Before claiming i got problems on my xbox: I don’t. I got 200MB internet on cable, wich allows me top play any other game on xbox( battlefront, battlefield, halo 3, halo 4, forza, brawhalla,warface, warframe, minecraft, rocket league, destiny 1 and 2) and none of them i go the same problems as on Overwatch.

HALO REACH have a comunnity of 500~ players during weekends and i found matches faster than Overwatch

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My greatest regret in life is that whenever I see this quoted, I also see the glaring typo in what I originally wrote.

It’s probably a smaller player count.

PS4 is the major player in the console world these days. So whomever playing Xbox is limited, and those playing OW still are even more so.

It’d be great if they’d allow Xbox and PS4 to play together. There’s no reason why they cannot as it’d be pretty much identical.


Unfortunately your right about that. There is a website that tracks Star Wars Battlefront 2015 online players, and back during release, and even today, there are more on PS4 than both pc and Xbox. Even with that on PS4 it’s so hard to find matches on that game. I guess it might be the same with all cross platform games.

Cross platform play would inject longer lifespans into all cross platform games, but it seems that if a game isn’t new and/or top of the play charts that the dream will forever be a dream.


I absolutely loved this game when it came out. More than I thought I would.

It was pretty fun. Definitely not Original Star Wars battlefront 2 but it had its own spin. My only criticisms was how the vehicles worked and the fact that my internet was crappy for the past 4 years and it wasn’t good until the game population died, so I never got to experience the game past the first few levels and non of the dlcs.

Yeah, it was no original SWBF2, but it was quite fun lol.

I just wished it was more like it. Different roles, and more team-play with vehicles and usable weapons on the map. I missed the garrison numbers, the command points, etc. Oh and that mode that allowed you to fight for planets… I think it was Galactic Conquest?? Would’ve been fun with friends… or opposing real-player fleets.

The Hero system was rather broken too. The tokens. After some time, I learned where the spots would be. Though, with the right weapon and skill combo… you could be deadlier than a hero.

Original Boba Fett was probably the most ridiculous. I also wished they would’ve ventured into the Prequel universe. I did not play the latest one that Dice/EA did.

I have the second ea one but haven’t played it since I finished story due to the aforementioned bad internet, but from what I hear on reddit the game has really turned around and is great now. I think they are about to release Anakin as a hero.

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Exactly, even if they don’t want to enable adding friends from a different console, at least you would be able to find matches faster, something like Rocket League before the full crossplay thing.

Although, i don’t know how to feel about all this if Sony says (02/11/19):

People keep saying, “Why doesn’t Sony allow more people to have it?” We’re open for business on this one. All it takes is for publishers and developers who wish to permission it.

Who’s really lying or being negligent?

It’s really hard to say who’s at fault, it seems Microsoft, Nintendo, and other smaller devs are up for it, but whether we can trust what Sony or Activision-Blizzard says is still up in the air.

Overall, the end goal of all these corporations is money, and that sadly seems to be the only factor driving their decision, not us. If they can’t see that they will make huge profits it seems to be on the bottom of their list, to our detriment.

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I would say its much too late for OW on several levels:
-the game is losing players constantly,
-Blizzard is losing money like crazy,
-Activision has stepped in and implemented cost cutting measures,
-content drops have been extremely scarce and poor quality,
-Apex Legends has been released and hit over 25 million players in a week, if any game gets crossplay next it will be Apex Legends, at least with PC.

This song has been sung, Jeff can say this or that but its less then nothing, they will never invest any more money into this game beyond bare minimum content drops, repeat events, OWL advertising.

And even OWL looks like its going the way of the dodo to doodo.

The only thing that can save OW now is new investment, and that is the #1 thing they refuse to do until the game makes more money first, its a self kill strategy due to greed.

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:spider_web: Cross play is hard in general because Microsoft and Sony hate each other.

As for transferring cosmetics I saw mentioned up a bit, what a dumb reply imo. I don’t see why they’re so against it. If someone loves the game enough to buy a second account on another platform, starting with all their cosmetics isn’t going to deter them from continuing to play your game. That’s literally the only reasoning I can see them having for not allowing that and it’s dumb

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