Golden Guns and limited time cosmetics should carry over platforms

I have my Blizzard account connected to my xbox, right? To that end, golden guns, which take a long time to earn, and limited time cosmetics that you can no longer obtain, i.e. Noire Widowmaker or any of the Blizzcon skins, should carry over to other platforms that are also connected to that account. Meaning if I were to repurchase overwatch for PC, the golden guns and limited time cosmetics I had on Xbox should carry over, so long as i’m using the same Blizzard account.

Jeff’s Response on some one bringing up no cross platform cosmetic sharing:

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At least they are thinking of ways to counter it.

A simple check system and syncing Bnet accounts. Should prove useful.
Doesn’t need to be full transfers.

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Idk exactly what he means by this

Sony doesn’t like sharing.
Look at Fortnite.

I mean, i understand basic cosmetics that can be earned for free not being cross platform, but cosmetics that are either limited (noire widow, bliss con skins, etc) or take forever to earn (golden guns), I feel should be transferable is all.

Heck, the main reason i’m not too crazy about buying Overwatch for PC to play with my friends is because I know my 5 Golden Guns and Noire widow won’t transfer. If they did, then I might have already bought it.