PS4 to PC cosmetic transfer

But the world could always use MoreHeroes. Why not have the consolefriends join us! :slight_smile:

Because I do not want them to abandon me… :disappointed_relieved:

I wish I could just log into my account on whatever platform I want. Sure, make my pay for it per platform, but once I pay for it let me use my one account on each device

This is probably too much to ask, but I would love it.

(Just cosmetics and levels transferring. Make me do new placements if I am on console)


I’m fine with that. Just let me carry over my skins and golden guns.

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Something like this should never be a paid feature.

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I have all star Tracer and nearly every event skin on Xbox so I don’t really see the point in moving to PC until I can transfer my cosmetics.

Paladins actually has this feature in comparison.


Same. It’s really the only thing stopping me moving over.


Bumping this post i think we really need to make OW more like Hearthstone, and tbh it’s only skins. Devs I beckon your feedback!

Please don’t be bumping posts aggressively. This can result in your post getting locked and possibly getting your forum privileges suspended. Furthermore, the forums is the best place to leave constructive feedback, but do not expect direct responses from Blizzard representatives.

The last we know of this issue is that the development team is considering finding ways to allow account items transfers, but for them, it is complicated.

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We want your money

All of it

Love blizzard xo

Thank you for replying with this valuable information WyomingMyst, I wasn’t aware I was being too :confused: agressive with bumping the post, I will exercise care in the future and thank you for informing me.
Oh and thank you Dev team for your reply it really means bunches and I mean bunches.

keep up the good work you’re doing blizz dev and tech supp. , I recognize it :slight_smile:

My typo shall forever haunt me on this post XD

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why you guys think that cosmetics are important?

the gameplay is so bad…

I ccan’t seem to find the typo :thinking:

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because I worked hard for my gold weapons and I paid money for Pink Mercy, Demon Hunter Sombra ect and I want to take them with me.

And blizzard want take you money on the new platform.

I said this once, too, about a year ago and I haven’t heard any kind of update since before then. I’d just be happy being able to use my PS4 avatar for my forums account, which defaults to PC for some reason even though my PC account is only like level 40.

well you can’t buy pink Mercy anymore so how they gonna do that, fam?

I too had to abandon my Widow skin, and all those event legendary skins that I’m not able to get on PC ever again. There was a time where ranked was fun to play, so I also had to abandon golden weapons there.

The accounts are already linked, I don’t know how is impossible to do a one time transfer off all your things to PC. Lock it to be one time only and you lose everything on the console after the transfer. I would really be up for that.