Bllizzards inconsistency with what is synced across platforms

I used to play on Xbox but switched to PC a few months ago. I was met with many inconsistencies with what is actually “synced” across platforms. So here’s a list of a few of the things that I think are either dumb or could easily be fixed.
1. Cosmetics, the most important one. I collect all Tracer items. I have literally every single cosmetic for her on my Xbox account (even the icons). I was surprised when switching over to PC, that Blizzard was able to recognize that I owned the Grey OWL skins and the WoW: BFA emotes for Tracer, but not other things like, normal/event skins, player Icons, Gold weapons, and the All-star skin. Blizzard, it needs to be all cosmetics that sync across. Not just a few. I’ve dumped several paychecks into the game and would like to keep the items I’ve acquired, no matter the platform. Also quick side note, I find it ridiculous that The 2018 All-Star icons are recognized and synced across platforms but not the skins from. WTH?
2. XP level. This one isn’t as big a deal since xp level doesn’t really matter, but I would like to have kept my 3 star silver border at least. It would have been nice to have my time commitment respected after transferring.
3. This one’s just a nitpick, but why in the world does my PC account recognize my controller/ button setup from playing on console. Like surely if you guys at Blizzard have the capability to recognize that, why not also recognize everything else on the “synced” account. late last year, Jeff Kaplan commented on the fact that the team wasn’t happy with the fact that some things synced across platforms and others didn’t, and that they’d been brainstorming solutions for it since then.

This was last September.

This obviously isn’t a technical problem as we already have some things having the capability to sync across platforms. So that must mean that either A. it’s a business problem or B. They haven’t gotten around to it yet. I don’t see why it would be a business problem given that both consoles have accepted the same cross platform account syncing for Fortnite. (also I’m from xbox so why should I have to suffer from the choices of Sony when I’m not even from their platform?)

If I am right, and this isn’t a business problem, then what makes this issue so complicated, like Jeff says it is. If this could please have some light shed on it by someone from the Dev team, so that this issue that I’m sure effects many of us who have switched platform, aren’t just left here waiting for it to be randomly brought up again. To only have it answered with a “Yeah we know it’s an issue”. This right now is my main gripe with this game. As a collector and completionist, I would like to keep my time and money that I’ve spent the past 3 and a half years to not just be left behind when I change the platform I play on. Constructive feedback towards the issue is always appreciated.

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