Please let us transfer items to other accounts

sadly they can’t because certain skins like pink, all-stars, etc were sold on each platforms specific store and it has something to do with taxes and all that… but what they should do is make a skin trading system where we can trade any skin like, for example, trading cobalt mercy for pink mercy so we can get our exclusives on one account.

and it should be cross platform trading too! i have atlantic mercy on my ps4 and pink on my pc account and i mainly play on ps4 :frowning:


Making skins transferable would impact lootbox sales and also why would consoles allow free stuff from other platforms onto their closed systems when they get a cut if you buy lootboxes.

It’s all about the money.


Wow is not on consoles

That would make lootboxes gambling because it would create a market for the cosmetics so no.

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But wow has item transfer to other accounts

Yeah . But wow has auction house and other mechanism while this game has lootboxes .
They can introduce cross progression in game but they will not because at the moment selling lootboxes is one of major revenue for this game and blizzard wants you to buy lootboxes if you move to a new platform .

Now if they wanted to transfer items from one PC account to another then that might be possible but from and xbox/psn account to PC ya never gonna happen the logistics and all the different companies would have to cooperate, goodluck ever seeing that, it is an uphill battle just getting cross platform gaming in videogames

Paladins already has it ,so does fortnite and dauntless and now call of duty modern warfare will have it which is ironically Activision title

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Like i said an uphill battle, how much you want to bet the gaming companies have to walk through tons of hoops for months on end just to get the console companies to cooperate

You can already make as many free smurfs on console as you want.

Blizzard is a capitalistic company that needs to make money… its not their priority to give you items everywhere you like without making any money.

You could probably ask for a function to transfer skins to other platforms by paying a fee.

Yep that is true.,…

This isn’t a good thing…

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It’s not just Blizzard who would make that decision, but also Sony. Idk if Sony would ever let that happen. I can imagine Blizzard doing that, but not Sony. And if Blizzard can’t be able to do that with Sony and PSN, then they won’t do it with Xbox even if possible, cause that would feel unfair to PSN players.

Doesn’t epic and sony have that available for fortnite?

there could be a possibility.

The amount of hoops that companies have to go through and the money it will cost the many like Blizzard wont even bother

I just want my skins on my new switch account.

All I got that transfered are the blizzcon skins + demon hunter sombra.

what i’m saying is blizzard makes less money with account sale than on PC.
Now letting console people transfer all their skins to PC means less money for them.

That would encourage skin selling, and that’s the last thing we need. Unless they only allowed it to be transferred with ID verification like battlenet real name change.

What are you talking about? So many games have the ability to transfer stats and cosmetics over different platforms. Hell, even the new Call of Duty (AN ACTIVISION-BLIZZARD GAME) has cross progression.

The only reason they have not implemented this is because they want you to spend more money on loot boxes. That’s it.


Dude I hope this feature goes through. I have all the skins On my xbox account. I just switched to PS4 and I just missed the anniversary event on that console. Like plz let this feature happen. Most of us don’t wanna wait another year.