Migrate license from PC to PS4

nope. overwatch refuses to care about any of that stuff. they need to cross platform like yesterday


That’s a big no from me. Gamepads and M&K give night and day difference in performance. It’d just be PC players stomping on console players all day every day. Keep it fair and balanced, and keep them seperate

as far as im aware all consoles allow kb&m

they can ask controller players if they want to play seaperate from all kb&m players

i just feel the number of players is too low not to have it

All of the above and…

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It is not like crossplatform would disable the matchmaking.
You would still be matched with people of equal skill rating.

Players must use a third-party device (often called a XiM adapater) to make use of of a Keyboard and Mouse in Overwatch. Officially, the Overwatch development team is against the idea of Keyboard and Mouse in console, but they do NOT consider it cheating. Some other games allow Keyboard and Mouse directly, but that is on a developer game-by-game basis.

To answer the original question, your license for console is different because that license is managed by Sony or Microsoft. Cross platform features for Overwatch are currently not available because of mostly licensing and legal reasons for the benefit of the console manufacturers. In other words, they don’t want to you drop their platform for another.

It is frowned upon in the console community to M&K. All PUGs and tourneys ban it and players flame M&K users. Just because Sony/Microsoft lets it happen doesn’t mean it’s the right move for Blizzard to shove it down our throats even more.

There’s also the fact that Blizzard wants their PC version of the game to be completely independent from Sony or Microsoft. It allows them to runs that platform without having to deal with any objections from the console companies.

thats what im talking about. for dev team to enable it. and separate controller and kb&m

The problem still comes down to players using XiM devices to play Keyboard and Mouse to have an unfair advantage in the controller community/pairings though. These are questions we need updated answers for.

that doesnt change this topic at all. jerks will be jerks.

id imagine it would actually encourage them to play the game right with direct kb&m to take away the small lag that converters have

A plat using M&K will outsnipe a plat using a gamepad probably 70-80% of the time. It has to do less with the skill of the players and more to do with the gear they are using.

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The problem with separating legitimate keyboard and mouse users from controller users is that the current problem of using a keyboard and mouse through an adapter does NOT go away for those controller users. Sure if a player wanted to play honestly against other Keyboard and Mouse users they could now do so, but if a player wanted to take every unfair advantage by circumventing the rules and still use a XiM adapter to have the advantage in the Controller player pool, they will do so.

There is going to be no perfect solutions to this problem, and I think it is coming down to what is the most fair for all players at any given time. If it was me, I would enable legitimate keyboard and mouse but not segregate the community between devices. It would be rough for traditional controller players, but they would have the opportunity to transition over to keyboard and mouse and play using the best tools on a level playing field.

i understand that it is an issue. but it is irrelevant to the conversation. those people will use it for the advantage regardless if it allowed or not. so why should those “cheaters” stop progression of overwatch as a whole.

it is a separate issue to deal with those players using converters, and it should be addressed but it shouldn’t stop cross platform for legitimate players

If they would threat you as a new player, lets say you had to level 10 levels and then do the placements I’d see no problem in it, by then you’d hopefully be at the correct rank.

As far as cross-platform features go, that is up to both the developers and console manufacturers, and that is dealing with factors such as money, intellectual properties, and so much more. I will note, Epic Games (who makes Fortnite) is doing some huge things that is starting tear down those barriers and those things will impact the entire video game industry as a whole. However it still comes down to how each developer chooses to pursue tearing down these barriers.

If it is of any comfort, Game Director Jeff Kaplan did mention they don’t “like” these barriers…

However, I would not hold your breath for any changes soon.

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They both got placed into plat based on their performance and winrate, so they are about equally strong.

If the player using M&K has better aim, the one with the gamepad makes up for it with better game sense, positioning and/or team work, so there are still equally strong players matched against each other.

If this weren’t the case they wouldn’t have the same SR and wouldn’t be matched against each other in the first place.

Why would you want to go from PC to Console Overwatch??

Unless it is to play with friends the PC version is the Superior version

I don’t think you’re getting it. I have the game on PC and on PS4. When I try to play on PC with a gamepad I get stomped on by people I am as good as with M&K. It makes using a M&K a sort of artificial boost to your SR just because there are people you play against that are using a less accurate control scheme. That adds an extra element of randomness and unevenness into a competitive game, which is bad.

If you keep playing with a gamepad on PC your SR will adjust and the stomping will stop.

But if the SR is bothering you, maybe mouse and keyboard is the way to go?

sorry there isnt they are 2 completely different networks and the license is meant for pc would not work on the ps4 ya would have to buy a copy for the ps4 though i would stay on pc if i was you atleast on pc you dont have to pay to play online unlike ps4