Can we have unlocked cosmetics transfer between console and PC for same account?

I got a nice gaming laptop for my birthday and have made the transition for Overwatch from PS4 to PC. I think it’s kinda strange, though, since despite using the same account pretty much nothing I unlocked on PS4 carries over to PC, and that I have to unlock everything all over again. Skins, golden guns, sprays, voice lines, achievements, etc.

It especially sucks for the time-sensitive event-limited items I got on PS4 that now I’ll probably never see again unless I fire up the PS4 for old time’s sake. Things like the Mercy charity donation skin/sprays, the D.Va Nano Cola skins, the Widow Noire skin, etc.

Is there an official reason for this? Do you think they’ll be changing this down the road? I really hope so. :frowning_face:

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Sadly no. I really don’t know why, but dem’s da works

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I think this is in place to prevent people from using smurf accounts to get loot boxes quicker and sending unlocks to their main accounts. I would love to have a trade system, but such a system is easy to exploit.

Yes. We could. However, they are not going to.


Well, I mean I’m using the same account on PS4 as I am on PC. I unlocked a bunch of stuff on PS4 on this account, so when I use the same account on PC it would be nice if everything I unlocked on a different platform carried over.

I’m sorry, I misread your post! If it is the same account, they should definitely let your cosmetics be consistent across platforms >:/

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I really wish they would! :confounded: I wonder if there’s a programmatic reason they don’t do it? I mean it’s the same account, you’d think this kind of information would be shared regardless of platform…

I hope it isn’t something like getting me to buy lootboxes to get these things all over again… it took a lot of work to get them all the first time. And it’s not like buying lootboxes would help me get the Mercy BCRF/D.Va Nano skins again anyways.

Jeff said they want to do it, but its been complicated due to platforms. For your sake, I hope they resolve it.

I hope you enjoy OW on your gaming laptop. Happy Birthday!

If you want to play sometime, send me a friend invite: Jerant#1609

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They claim there is, and yet, if you purchase a Blizzcon ticket, you get Sombra on both accounts and they are not willing to divulge the reason for that. So, like the report system, I am going to assume that they are lying.

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Know, they stated they are unhappy with it, and are working on fixing it. It just isn’t higher up in priority. Jeff said it in another thread.

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From the man himself.

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I’m confused. I thought to play on PC you had to buy a PC account. I was under the impression you could not play on a platform and PC on the same account.

Apparently you can, as that’s what I’m doing. Same login, same username, same account, different platform. Under my career overview profile it now shows a different link for both my PSN playtime and PC:

Yeah that’s what I was thinking programmatically speaking, I can kinda see how it might be complicated. Like, say I play a lot now on PC and unlock a whole bunch of things I had already unlocked on another platform, but then they decide to go ahead and let things unlocked on one platform be shared on the other, would they then reimburse the lootboxes and currency I used on the duplicates I unlocked? Would only seem fair but would be really complicated, since they probably don’t keep track of how items were unlocked it would be difficult to say how many lootboxes and how much currency to give back for the duplicate effort.

It would probably just be easiest to reimburse according to the in-game currency value of the cosmetics, but if there were real-world currency paid lootboxes involved that throws some wrenches in the process I imagine.