Bungie did it why cant Blizzard

As I’m sure we are all aware, Bungie just recently “divorced” Activision/Blizzard, keeping their rights to the Destiny IP. Old news whatever. Here’s the thing. In the short few months that Bungie has been solo publishing, they have made huge leaps towards pro-consumer marketing strategies and gameplay. There first major announcement since the breakup, “Shadowkeep” also brings along something that Blizzard has said they are trying to do but can’t for a year now. Which is cross-save. Bungie is making it so that no matter what platform you play on, you will keep all your progress and be able to switch platforms on the fly. Given that you own the game on the platform. (whish is fine given the base Destiny game is F2P now)

So Blizzard, clearly it isn’t Sony or Microsoft being stingy, as even Sony (who had exclusive content for Destiny, and gave it up) Agreed to cross save. It’s down to you guys at Blizzard to make Cross Save a feature. Oh wait you won’t because Activision wants to milk out peoples money from lootboxes. Your move Blizzard.


Why they would want it in the 1st place?

Because Blizzard doesn’t exist anymore.
Its been fully incorporated along with personnel replacements. It’s Activision blizzard they are merged as one.

Bungie was contracted so they could get out.
Activision was simply the publisher that Bungie used.
Blizzard can’t as the company isn’t a thing anymore.


This is why they’d want to do it. So people who have switched platforms can keep their progress.

There’s a big difference to the situation Bungie was in vs Blizzard. Bungie isn’t actually merged with Activision like Blizzard is.

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I know I’m just pointing out that Blizzard has been pushing this off for a year now, saying it was a business problem but that they really want to do it. I use Bungie as an example because it clearly shows that all the platforms are totally down with cross-save. And now the balls in Blizzards court. Right now Blizzard are the kid holding a boot to his own face meme.

Where did they say that they want to separate?
Blizzard developers may want to do cross play, doesn’t mean Activison Blizzard do.
Doesn’t even matter, they can’t.

Na. I realized I didn’t read thoroughly. I had (wrongly) assumed OP was talking about Blizz splitting from activision.

OP is talking about incorporating cross saves between platforms.

Yes but then he also went on to say that Activision wont do cross play because they want to milk people from $$$ and that the ball is in Blizzards court to do something about it.

He’s under the impression they are separate.
Blizzard can’t make decisions as Blizzard isn’t a thing anymore, its a joined company, they can’t just say screw Activision and do there own thing.

That’s not really a valid reason… Also Lootboxes have nothing to do with with cross-saves. Gosh, you are the epitome of ever gamer, a big meme. You think you know better than the people who make actual money dealing with this crappola known as the gaming world.

Well yeah, doesn’t mean I agree or disagree with that assumption. Was just pointing out I misunderstood the OP at first because I quickly read the title and skimmed the opener too quickly was all.

Edit: And yeah, you’re also right. Blizzard-Activision is one company, OP.

To be fair, I didn’t see it at first either when I made my first post :sweat_smile:

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I’m not saying that they want to seperate. I wish they did tho

So whats the point in the post?
Do you realise Blizzard isn’t a company anymore?

Again, there is no Blizzard distinct from Activision, they were totally Borged. Its now like asking a man to cut his own head off… Blizzard is nothing but a brand name, nothing more. Its Activision all the way down now.

Is there an organizational group in Activision that is nominally “Blizzard” that might fantasize about breaking off, but structurally I don’t believe that’s remotely possible now. Activision could “spin-off” Blizzard’s IP, but they lack the structure now apparently to do so on their own.


The point is Blizzard has been saying that the reason they aren’t doing cross save yet is because of Business complications. Bungie implementing cross save into their game has shown the industry that all platforms are able and willing to implement cross save as well. So Blizzard/ Activision is in the position now where everyone is saying yes to cross save but they still aren’t acting on it.

So Activison Blizzard doesn’t want to do cross play/cross save (or cant due to whatever reason) not Blizzard.
Gotcha, your first post was implying things seperatly.

But they’ve been one record for the past year now saying that they would love to do it. Jeff Kaplan himself says that he wants it in Overwatch.
Edit: This is what I’m saying Blizzard are saying one thing and doing another

You can’t really use “they” when its one guy, who works on one game.
I don’t know of any statement other than Papa Jeff’s about cross skin/play.
Hes not speaking on behalf of the company.

I’m sure if the game director wants it, and other dev team members who on Frans stream during the last Archives event, said they also want it. I’m sure it’s safe to say that the dev team wants it for the game.