Hey, when can console skins be transferred to PC?

Any updates on this?

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I know, right? It’s the only reason I won’t get Overwatch on PC. I just want my cosmetics. Nothing else. I don’t care that I have to buy the game again.

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Last I heard from Papa Jeff:

Not exactly a concrete answer by any means, but they are at least aware of people being disappointed with it and are attempting to address it.

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if its just skins holding you back you should just do it, pc is so much better then console and i used to play on xbox (seasons 1-5)

Nope. I refuse to buy the game again if I can’t have my items.

I’ll lose all my purchased skins and the pre-order skins.

Plus the hundreds of other cosmetics I earned. I refuse to buy the game again until I get my stuff.


the cosmetics dont affect the game in anyway tho

This is petty on so many levels. And I’m in the same damn boat. I wanna swap over but I cant justify all the money I’ve sunk into lootboxes and skins unless I can bring them along with me.

When consoles stop being a pain to work with. It’s not an easy thing to do.



I don’t care how petty it is, either.

I bought/earned my skins and should be able to take them with me.

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At least they should give us the limited time cosmetics that we can never get again.
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