Can we please link our console accounts to pc?

I’m about to switch to pc in less than a month and I don’t want to lose all of my exclusive skins and sprays (Pink Mercy, Nano D.Va, the sprays for those events, etc.), I was hoping that there would be a way that blizzard can track what exclusive skins you have on your console and do a one time transfer over to pc. Either please make these skins available again or make this kind of thing happen.

Edit: I’m seeing a lot of people say that they don’t want the people to switch over to other consoles. I’m going to be upset about losing some of my exclusive skins but that’s not going to stop me. And to clarify about people who think that I’m saying that everything should be transferred, I’m fine with resetting a level 1, losing my sr, and losing all of my in game skins, but the skins and sprays that you can’t earn anymore that I have I don’t want to lose them. That’s what I mean by “exclusive skins”. And also I saw people say “what if the account was hacked?” I don’t know how to fix that if that will ever happen, maybe more verification since it’s a one time transfer.


edit: people cannot get a joke -shrugs-

This has come up loads.

Sony don’t like it for one.
Also what benefit does blizzard get? its better for them to make you rebuy, if it was more profitable they would of done it by now (or at least attempted and given a reason they cant)

This was recently addressed by Game Producer Matthew Hawley that there still is not any definite plans to add cross-progression across platforms. This article has more details:

That being said, I think they want to do it some time so any talk about “making people buy it again for Blizzard to make more money” is a bit hyperbole. Its more or less console manufacturers don’t want you to leave their platforms.


You can’t rebuy limited event items like the skins OP was taking about.

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So what?
They need a monetary incentive for any change.

Not exactly an enlightening or reassuring answer, especially since it was a year ago.

My tiny brain cant comprehend the idea of cloud data storage and if one person had two cross platform accounts how the skins and settings wouldnt sync and match up.

I wonder if google is able to do it across multiple devices.


I’m sorry but this idea that the console makers are standing in the way is nonsense.

That was the case in the past, it is not the case now. Microsoft and Nintendo have been open to it for a while, and Sony have come around, all be it more slowly.

There is a path to making this happen that Blizzard is choosing not to take. The fact other games including one from Acti-Blizz are doing it proves this.

I’m pretty sure it’s both, lol

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Can also see it as protection, if your account is hacked it be hard to prove, oh yeah I didn’t move those skins to this new account yada yada. It is less hassle in the end if this is one of the reasons.

It also be too much hassle due to some players have like 6 accounts+ and moving it around over and over would be over-kill and resources sent away from the game just to do that.

It wouldn’t need anyone to move anything. Blizzard already allows cross platform account linking, and the game can tell what skins you have across accounts. That’s why things like the twitch sprays or the HOTS items are unlocked on all your linked accounts.

Everything is already in place, they would have to allow each platform to see all of your items rather than just the few it currently can.

But if you were hacked that be an issue, some would say “that account is not mine” or have their real accounts disconnected while the hacker runs off with other ones.

They wouldn’t be able to log into your PSN account if they hacked your BNet account, they would still have different log ins.

This. Blizzard isn’t trying to make bank off of you spending another $20 on the game. Software sales isn’t even where it’s at for online multiplayer games like Overwatch. They make a lot more off of OWL viewership, merch, in-game purchases, etc. than they do from actual sales of the game. They’re not trying to steal $20 from anyone.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have to rebuy the game, just that some of the exclusive skins from limited events that will probably never come back. I’m fine will starting out on level one, having my sr reset, and losing all of the in game skins and sprays but to those skins and sprays where you can only get them once in a life time I would like transferred over.