Hey blizzard, I’ve recently switched consoles

I’ve switched from PlayStation to Xboxlive. My account is linked on both, so I was wondering if I could get the skins I paid for on my PlayStation transferred to my Xbox. I bought the pink mercy skin(with those I have the sprays from the event), Nano cola D.va skin(didn’t pay for but I’d like it back.) , pacific Genji skin and Atlantic tracer skin. My skin and sprays I bought or was rewarded through my blizzard account and it’s connected to both consoles. I would rebuy, but I can’t due to it being limited time. I would really like my skins back:(.Thanks blizzard, let me know if it’s even possible.

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Why would u switch to xbox

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you can’t

parents convinced me

Cosmetics don’t transfer, and they don’t show any intention of making them transfer.
Sorry bud.

I think they said that they dont like the fact that they can’t transfer and are working on a solution

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This has commonly been requested for the last two years.

The official statement is something along the lines of ‘We are constantly looking to ways where in the future we might be able to make these types of transfers however currently we are unable to do so due to the policies of the respective console makers’.

Sorry to tell you but this is basically impossible right now, customer support is unable to help you with this and there is nothing in place to make these changes.

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O really?
Huh, must have missed that. Maybe it was in a non-Dev Update video?
My apologies if true though, I hope they are able to get it sorted soon.

Honestly I can’t remember if it was on the forums or with an interview for some game article, but Im pretty sure J.Kap said this.

Huh, well color me surprised.
I’ll need to look into digging that source up later tonight.

Horrible mistake on his part.

Found it

Oh wow!
Thanks, that’s actually really solid.

I’m happy Blizz agrees that transferring platforms and losing the cosmetics earned isn’t ideal. Good news for OP and the many like them.


I agree. I hope they can figure out a solution. I dont play Overwatch that much anymore because I think its a mess atm (thats another discussion lol), BUT I played on PC and PS4. It would be nice to share my cosmetics.

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Nah many developers have proven in the past i can be done fairly easily… the reason bizzard is taking their time about it… is they have yet to find a way to monetize it

I fully expect this to be the case. Im sure Acti-no-vision has their part in it as well.

actvision is the only reason blizzard has gone from a respectable developer into a cash grabby one… because now they have a company that controls them thats more concerned with pleasing investors than anything else.

TBH if the blizzard employees were smart, they would band together jump ship… and start up a new studio… sure they would loose all their IP’s but activision is ruining them anyway… why not just start new IPS based on the pricipals and formulas that made the old ones great.

But with the reputation and tallent within the company they would be back to where they were relatively quickly.

I mean activision is constntally trying to oust blizzard employees as it is…

INB4 Post gets deleated and i get suspended from the fourms for calling out activision


Kids never listen to their parents, and you choose to listen to them about this?

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I agree. From a players perspective, it appears Acti-no-vision has infested Blizz like a plague and has poisoned the games so they are no longer any fun.

I play WoW, Overwatch, Diablo, HotS and a little bit of SC and I am beyond annoyed with all of them.

Just give me Cyberpunk already. Amazing team over there.

hopefully in a few months the FTC is going to stick it to activison with a loot box ban given that only will impact those of us in the states

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