How do I link my console and PC accounts?

I have a PC account, (Celsius), but barely ever use it. Is there anyway I can link my accounts so I can use my icon from my PSN account, but keep the name Celsius, or will I have to log on to PC OW to do that?

You can’t, but the devs are thinking about it.

I would imagine they’d just have you show a 15 digit code on your console, then type it into PC account to verify.

no not skins. i literally just want to have the player icon on my psn account displayed on my pc account. i think it’s a flag icon.

Was always curious if they were ever serious about cross platform play. I heard there were talks but Sony kind of got in the way from what I heard.

Pretty much never expect cross platform play between Sony and Microsoft.

PC and Sony
PC and Microsoft
PC and Nintendo
^These are doable possibly.

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All I want is for my level to transfer over. I don’t care about skins or unlocks anymore, not rank either, but I put almost 800 hours into my PS4 account and I want to show that I’m not some newbie bronze border on the PC, as silly as I’m sure that sounds…