PLEASE implement crossplay 🥺

between consoles i mean.

i really want to play with my friends on xbox when I have a ps4. We’re all great friends and I want to finally be able to play overwatch with them.

And maybe there should be a [Cross-Play Matchmaker On/Off] option for people who don’t want crossplay between consoles


Friends don’t let friends buy Xbox Ones.


I think you might be confused, the only brief mention by the developers is the matter of transferring content from platform to platform:


Oh, im sorry. ive seen in mentioned on other social media such as instagram and twitter that the devs were considering crossplay between consoles/pc. my fault

The issue is that the playing field would be extremely unfair, especially in comp.
PC is known for having more fluid controls, allowing for better aim/movement.
But in some cases, console can be more effective.

There are also bugs which will exist within one version, which would just complicate things even more.

Sony is also known for not allowing crossplay.

If you have a link to such information, I encourage you to share it in case I missed it. I document a high majority of developer responses in this master guide here:

I would love it if Blizzard could consider doing what Epic Games did with Fortnite, one account is all you need. Play on any platform you want, anytime you want. (I wouldn’t mind a fee either every time one changes platforms.)

I love … my … Playstation.


Yeah, I really don’t understand why they didn’t make crossplay possible from the very beginning.
All this whining about PC players having an unfair advantage because of M&K is complete rubbish. Consoles are infested with M&K players anyways and everyone will still be matched with players close to their own skill rating.

All my RL friends who still play OW are on console and I can’t play with them because of this bullcrap…


Cant post links or images, sorry.

but i found what i was talking about, specifically a point saying “Cross play is something the devs would love to implement, but no plans”

I may have misinterpreted what this meant as well

Mkb was phased out by Epic sometime ago, now if you use Mkb you get matched with other people who use Mkb.
But if you play normally then you get matched with people from all platforms excluding Console Mkb users.

(Rainbow Six now bans Mkb and Emulators.)

Moreover it’s more of a business issue than just a technical issue tbh with you, and Sony is very strict as well. Blizzard will have to negotiate a deal with all market players before putting it in.

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I’ve wanted this for a long time between consoles. I ended up with a Playstation frankly by accident. My friend’s ex-girlfriend split up with him, so he re-gifted me the console. My other friend, however, that actually plays Overwatch is on Xbox One.

This wouldn’t be a major issue except my friends really only play on Xbox One, and while I’m considering switching over, I’d lose all my levels and cosmetics… and I don’t know how I feel about that considering I’ve thrown money into this game now, regrettably.

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Uh… no… just… NO

It’s bad enough in Comp as it is…

Well then in comp you can’t queue cross platform between console and PC, but for everything else you can have crossplay as an option at least. Or maybe something where the game can detect what input you have (they have this on PC, the tech is pretty much already there) and put you in a queue with players with the same input type, regardless of platform. But cross platform without this should at least be an option.

specifically “cross play is something they’d love to do, but no plans”

Hmm… I am not familar with this content creator, you don’t have the original stream source do you? (Not to say I don’t believe you, I just want to watch the whole stream if it is available).

Between consoles would be ideal, however it’s not going to happen with Sony in the lead at the moment.

As long as it stays on console only, it would be the best step. Keep it off PC

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On a personal note, I am looking at the long-term for Overwatch and unless Overwatch gets versions for the next gen consoles (“PS5” & “Xbox Two?”) I am not personally convinced there will be much support for any cross platform features short of console to PC account transfers.

in the caption, he gives credit to DBLTAP which is basically Kotaku with another name. I’m trying to find the original article

Idc if they phase it out or not. My friends are playing with K&M anyways.
Though I really don’t see a single sensible reason to do so. All it does is splitting up the player base which I would consider to be a bad thing.

Also on the long run the implementation of crossplay will become inevitable.
Sooner or later the player base will be so small, that people will notice the much higher queue times and that is the point where not implementing it would seal the deal at least for the console player base.