Stop with limited skins

Yes, it is.
They’ll remain limited either people like it or not.

Even it is ‘‘annoying’’.

And I can say from my own experience, even I cant have some of the allstar 2018 skins or blizzcon skins for bastion/monkey, im not gonna friiking complain about it, cause I know that those were limited & people had time to buy those. Regardless if you were pc/console or not, etc.


I too think artificially limiting their sales on a time basis allows Blizzard the excuse to price these skins so absurdly high (in comparison to, say, game expansion prices for other AAA titles). It gets people to open their wallets and splurge. Otherwise, if they were always available, or made available on a periodic basis, more players would hold back and “think about it” and save their money for something else. It’s consumer programming. It is a clear cut difference in thinking, “maybe next time around I will buy it when i get some money” vs “Buy now- or it’s gone forever!” mentality at work.


Okay so people who have them on lesser versions of the game should be denied the ability to take them to better platforms?

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You dont seem to understand what im trying to say here do you?

It works. I’ll freely admit it’s why I’ve bought some cosmetics (not in this game).

They’re a company and they want money, they don’t care about if it’s “fair”. If they feel this is the best way for them to get it, more power to them. If people showed they were more willing to spend under different circumstances and that “timed sales” weren’t effective, they wouldn’t do it.

Jeff has actually touched on this subject before:


If they didn’t say that, current spending players would go “Oh…I guess when they say timed, buy now or it’s gone forever, it actually isn’t…So I don’t have to rush and spend my money right now, I can always wait until it rolls back around next time”

They want the money that’s in front of them…Not some “maybe X number of players will buy the game some time in the future”

This is player responsibility. You had the choice to buy the game/skins on whatever system you chose. Nobody but you and your living situation decided what hardware you played the game on.

While it would be nice if they had the ability to transfer your items this i can agree on. But it is in no way “unfair” you played the game on whatever you did at the time.

Thats like being upset someone got a pre-order bonus and you got the game 3 years later. Those skins and special extras in any game not just overwatch, are meant for special appeal at the time of their release. It is 100% up to the developers to decide to make them available or not later. In fact in most cases making items that were limited before repeat or become all access hurts the company more, because while it makes people who didnt have them before happy it makes it clear the company will not stick to their words and promises and they lose all faith and face value with new releases.

The only limited skin that needs to be available again is the Sombra Demonhunter. This is because the devs made a promise it would be available without a Blizzcon ticket purchase in 2019. After they make it available once more it should be vaulted again forever, but this is only because alot of people (like myself) were willing to pay $50 just for that skin, but they made it clear we didnt need to pay $50 for that skin cause they were gonna make it available in the coming year. Though they never said when, how long, or how to abtain it.

Basically just like reverting a limited to all access, promising a limited skin and not providing hurts their credibility.

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You do realize that games like this gets new players all the time. Right?

Im not feeling too bad for someone/myself for missing limited skins.
Where people had enough time to get them if they wanted to.

I don’t know their thinking behind the mini-events. It obviously costs the player nothing and there is no possible way to spend towards it. Those non-monetary skins I can’t see why they made them exclusive.

They are obviously of a certain mind in regards to these, maybe a reward to loyal players who are always around. If they’re always around there’s more possibility to get a micro-transaction from them. Instead of players who leave for 2, 3, 6+ months at at time.

Skins where you can spend money to work towards it or needed to make sense that they keep them exclusive.


It works for Blizzard, but it hurts both the players who buy the game later in its life cycle along with the dedicated players who may opt to take a break or, due to life circumstances, are forced to take time away from the game for a while before returning (work, school, lifestyle, disaster, etc). It’s not fair to expect a long time fan to always have have the means to see and acquire such limited time content during the brief one-time window when it is made available. Not everyone can realistically stay glued to playing OW 365 days a year.

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They don’t care if it’s fair…That’s not how a company stays in business. As you mentioned “buy now or it’s gone forever” works as a sales tactic…But that tactic would lose it’s “teeth” if they made the precedent setting move of rotating these skins back in.

Going forward the people who normally spend would be more hesitant as maybe they could wait until they rotate in again, as “they’ve rotated them back before”. And other players who missed it would continually call for skins to be rotated back as “they’ve rotated them back before”.

Setting this precedent would simply hurt their current profit model.

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The way people act about skins sometimes is like they add damage stats or something lol.

It’s not even that important.


It’s hella fair actually. And not unfair at all.

Limited skins are staying limited. Period.

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Haha wow I see this going nowhere but one final note.

Its not fair I feel like your one of those I want to feel special people by reading your comments new players deserve just as much right to get them as we did.

Limited skins were a mistake you can disagree all you want but its the truth.

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Oh wow, you really getting so offensive about this for no reason.

Dude… I dont have skins I want aswell, I feel bad about it either, cause why I should? It’s should be day clear by now.

Even real life, you have things that are limited and are not coming back/what you cant do ever again. Regardless if it was in-game or not.

You can also disagree all you want but this is the truth. What you can clearly realize soon enough.

I’m not getting offensive and blizzard can so easily bring them back just like yearly events but probably won’t but as I said this is going nowhere so I feel like we have nothing further to discuss.

Event skins & limited skins are 2 completely different things. Even you should know that.

Well, this is pretty childish way to stop discussion.

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Keep throwing insults I really don’t care and yes I know there separate things but you don’t seem to see how I worded it so tough luck.

What insults exactly? Please, do tell.