Console to PC skin transfer

Does anyone know if there still working on this i heard like 2 years ago there trying but have they given up. ??

It would be great if they would i just dont have any drive to restart especially with how much i did on xbox


Dont you just have to sign in with your battlenet?


And that’s really up to Microsoft/Sony to agree to have transfers, since it’s different game licences.

To my knowledge no, it’d be nice to get all my event skins transferred from PS4 to PC

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Ok thank you all!!!

Shamelessly bumping this thread because I noticed when I watch OWL I get League token on both PC and PS4

So the accounts are linked, heck even one form of currency is linked.

How hard is it actually to link the unlocks?


Apparently it’s super hard. Gonna invite someone to this thread that has the link to the last word we heard on this matter from the devs.


Okay here is the dig with this issue from what I understand. It’s really a matter of doing business with the console manufacturers (more than it is a technical issue). Any item that is acquired through any form of in-game currency (Gold Coins , OWL Tokens , Competitive Points ), purchased with real money (the Pink Mercy skin is a good example) or through loot boxes are restricted to each platform that you acquire them on. The main reason for this is that most of these items can be acquired optionally through a cash purchase in the appropriate store of that platform (BattleNet Shop for PC, PlayStation Store for PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Store for Xbox One).

Items that are acquired through a promotion can be sent to each platform that is linked to the BattleNet account the promotion is redeemed under. For example when you earn Overwatch League Tokens , you earn it through all three platforms, but the items that you can spend Overwatch League tokens on are not shareable because you can purchase Overwatch League Tokens manually with cash. Same goes for acquiring items from Loot Boxes because you can purchase Loot Boxes.

If this was just a matter of Blizzard setting the rules, we’d probably be able to merge or transfer accounts across platforms. The problem from what I have seen across multiple games (not just Overwatch) is that consoles do not want to you leave their platform, and because of this they make the licensing agreements with each third-party developer to restrict sharing account content across platforms. Its kind of the same reason why cross-play is not yet a thing for most games including Overwatch.

The good news is that these barriers are starting to get torn down (with games like Fortnite being a notable example). We do know that the Overwatch Dev Team wishes they could allow cross-platform account transfers/merging. There may be technical hurdles but from what I know this is more of the matter of licensing among the console manufacturers.


Personally, I am hopeful that one day everyone can transfer their accounts to the platform of choice. I rather see this as I think this would keep individual marketplaces and platforms competitive and be innovative, rather than just try to host a monopoly.


Thanks for the response! A lot of this doesn’t make sense though.

Competitive points aren’t acquired through cash purchase, only through wins.

Sure you could acquire loot boxes with money but what about loot boxes acquired through levels? Maybe you can’t transfer bought lootboxes but if you own the game on both platforms and they’re both connected to the same battle net account why not just grant a loot box on one when it’s unlocked through a level up on the other? Heck, to catch up you could just add the number of levels acquired on one platform and add that many lootboxes to the other platform. It isn’t a perfect solution but its a solution.

And each loot box has its contents decided before its opened, so my assumption is that each loot box has something like a seed that determines its contents. You could actually have level up loot boxes grant the same items across both platforms if you just duplicated that seed. That way, assuming both accounts start from level 0, you would always have the exact same unlocks.
Bonus points if there’s some kind of receipt or log history of how each unique lootbox was acquired (Seed #184AB391 acquired at level 31) and then you can apply the exact same lootboxes gained from a level 100 account to a level 0 account on a different platform.

And what about event skins like Baptiste’s Combat Medic skin that aren’t available for purchase at all? That hasn’t transferred to my PC account.

Then of course there’s the example you gave with Fortnite, and companies like Ubisoft utilize Uplay to unlock cosmetics for one game by playing different games, sometimes across different platforms.

I’m not a dev, I don’t work for Sony or Microsoft, I don’t know anything about this stuff, but just based on what you’ve said as well as what Jeff has said, and what I’ve seen from other companies, it seems really odd to me that this isn’t already a reality if the team actually wants to make it happen


Yeah I think I could have worded it better. To keep it simple in terms of how technically Overwatch item progression works, if you acquire the item in the game itself, it stays on that platform. If the item is acquired outside of the game through a general non-platform specific promotion, it is sent to all platforms you have your BattleNet account linked to. Competitive golden weapons can’t be purchased but they are still an item acquired in game, so its restricted. Also in-game events including “mini-events” like the Baptiste Reunion Challenge are not what I define as a promotion.

Promotions are things like:

  • Twitch Drops - such as the sprays by watching Twitch streamers during events like the Baptiste Reunion Challenge, Ana Bastet Challenge, D.Va Nano Cola Challenge, etc.
  • OWL Token Drops - Watching matches of Overwatch League on or
  • BlizzCon Virtual Ticket - the BlizzCon virtual ticket can only be purchased on the BattleNet shop (or issued to anyone attending BlizzCon live), but the items from that ticket are considered promotional items so they are issued to all platforms linked to your BattleNet account.
  • Non-Overwatch Blizzard game purchases or promotions - Purchases such as the World of Warcraft: Digital Deluxe Edition or participating in the Heroes of the Storm Nexus Challenge issue items to Overwatch

Loot boxes don’t use a seed, instead every time you get a Loot Box the game service checks which items you already have in inventory including anything acquired by purchasing with credits or earned through a purchase (such as the Legendary or Epic skins if you upgrade to Overwatch: Legendary Edition). It will first decide what rarities and if applicable what event types each of your four items in that loot box will be, and based on that decides what specific items you received based on what your inventory at the moment you received that loot box is. So there is no specific seed or pattern for each account, just rules that determine the items only at the time the loot box is generated.

That is not an item acquired through a promotion, but through an event directly in the game.

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Thanks for your time!

My 12 gold weapons, event and special event skins will remain PS4 until the day they can be transferred.

I’ve never had a gaming PC before but I would for Overwatch.

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Same, however i think that when crossplay comes, the skin transferation comes together

I really hope this can be implemented soon, perhaps with the release of OW2. I’m still salty that I can’t get pink mercy and noire widow on PC, not to mention about a dozen golden guns and season sprays. I know it rests largely on the console companies, but hopefully Blizzard can/will push for it in the future.

A year later and all that’s changed in this statement is that I now have 24, nearly 25, golden weapons and I’m looking into getting a Gaming PC.

Hey all! I am just wondering if there have been any updates on this issue, as I have recently started playing on pc again, and now that I have a considerable amount of time on PS4 I was hoping that we would have the ability to have cross-progression. My main goal is to get my 2019 All-Stars Skin for Mercy to pc from PS4. Thanks for taking the time to read and if you have any information on this please do reply!

Still no change. The only skins you’ll have access to on both systems are pre-order bonus/Blizzcon skins.

No progress unfortunately.

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Thanks for the quick replies guys, hopefully Sony and Microsoft will allow for it soon or for Overwatch 2.


It’s lost revenue and MAU if they did that. JS