Switched from Console to PC; I miss all my stuff :(


I’ve played OW on PS4 since the open beta 2 years ago and finally switched to PC when I got a new laptop late last year. I don’t want to go back to console. I like the (far) better controls, upgraded graphics, framerate, audio/video options, access to the PTR and everything else PC OW has over it’s console cousin.

I just want the stuff I earned on console to be transferred to my Blizzard PC account. That’s all. I don’t care about my MMR or rank, but I’d like my stats and weapons to be transferred over. It would help alleviate a few negative things I’m experiencing on PC.

#1. I’m routinely accused of being a Smurf because I know, and play, the game so well. On PS4 I was high plat, but on PC, I’m mid-gold, but I’m far from a great OW player. Truth is, the gold rank is filled with really bad players - both mechanically, game sense and strategy. It’s been a bit of a nightmare at times, lol! People get tilted easily and the chat box becomes a ‘blame game box’. I can see why people don’t rank up. I got as high as SR 2353 this season and have dropped back down to 2241 currently. However, when I do well, I’m accused of using an aimbot or being a smurf. My profile is set to public, so if my console stats would transfer over, people could see my 1,500 hours+, 5,000 wins and 140 hours on Widow, they’d know I’m not a smurf or cheating. I’ve put in the time to get better at the game. I honestly believe I’m being reported to your automated system for “cheating” or being a smurf.

#2. I’m accused of throwing for picking Widowmaker most of the time. The truth is, when OW first released on PS4, I played a lot of Widow because I just like playing snipers in games (CoD, BF, SWBF, Gears, etc.), but after she was nerfed, she became too difficult for my older hands to use, so I dropped her because I didn’t want to be a hindrance to my team. It feels good to play her again and this time, with far better controls (KB/M)…except when people shout in the chat box for me to switch. :man_shrugging:t6: On console + PC, I have 140+ hours on her. 89 of those are on PC alone. I know for a fact I"m being reported for picking Widow.

#3. I miss my gold weapons. I know they’re just vanity items and it may seem silly, but I view them as symbols of the time and effort I put into Comp. On a personal note, I only brought weapons for heroes I put work into, so - for example - I wasn’t a big Tracer player on PS4, so I didn’t “earn” her gold guns, if that makes any sense. My golds are reflections of my playtime on a hero. On PS4 I have 7 gold weapons - Ana, Brigitte, Junkrat, Symmetra, Reaper, Orisa and Zenyatta. I had begun working on getting D.Va next before I switched to PC. It’d be nice to have them back.

Is there a reason why vanity items were able to be transferred from PC-to-Console with the Oni Genji and Office D.Va skin promotions, but why it’s not possible to do a reverse transfer of stats/items?

I must admit, I never thought I’d abandon console-OW as I had a lot of friends who still play the game there and we’d sometimes play after work, but after moving to PC and getting used to KB/M, I just can’t go back. It’s really difficult. I’ve tried and it’s not fun anymore, which is the only reason I play OW - to have fun.

Is there any possibility we console switchers might get out stats, items and accounts transferred over someday? :pray:t6:

Thank you for reading.

for switch the whole account, is not possible sadly. i feel your pain btw :frowning:
but here there is a good news :slight_smile: it seems that they are working on some solution to just “import” from a plattfomr to another just the cosmetics. here something you may like Blizzcon sombra skin

There has to be a way since they’re able to link and transfer PC items to our console accounts.

I read that some time ago. Makes me think it’s a Sony/MS issue, but one can never know.