Transfer skins from ps4 to pc

It’s possible that someday blizzard had a way to transfer your skins from console to pc?
I have many items, I just completed tracer and brigitte, I have over 80 items for every character except for Baptiste, echo and sigma. I spend a lot of time and money to have this skins.
Can blizzard pls had this feature


I really really hope they make this a feature. :pleading_face: :pleading_face:


I been wanting this for a while. I also want to be able to move my contents from one account to another on console I was planning on making another thread talking about this but no one pays attention to it


I agree…I would like to get ow on pc in the future but I know my stuff won’t transfer. People have been asking this for a while so I don’t see why they haven’t added it yet :thinking:

As of now, they’re aren’t particularly concerned about that:

That was in 2018 it’s 2020. Not only that but the last time I was in contact with a employee they were interested in it but there is a lot of technical strains consoles cause.

I hold the belief that if they haven’t said the contrary, their previous comments still apply today.

I too want to transfer cosmetics from platform to platform but the chances are slim if I’m being honest.

Talk about other companies being able to do it but Blizzard can’t. Pfft

the fact that the game does not have crossplatform progression is a joke at this point.