Just moved to PC from console and in the first week

I’ve had some fabulous moments through text chat. People joking around, complimenting each other and plays, congratulating plays of the game, stuff that I’ve never seen on console.

I’ve also had people already tell me that I’m cancer, I need to play characters that require skill/actually get kills/have a good win rate (I’m a tank/support main, guess I should become another DPS), and the swearing in chat.

PC is a weird, wonderful, scary world compared to console. It’s been mostly fun even despite the above toxicity. Glad I switched except for one thing…


Ahem, but yeah, wanted to post something with a lil more positivity and humor even though I’m shy on forums because of all the posts of toxicity and anger and such. Cheers~

PS: Why does the navy of Norway have bar codes on their ships?


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I refuse to move to PC until I get my cosmetics.

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Same. I’ll buy another copy and make the move when they allow me to transfer cosmetics.

But not until then.

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I’m just curious, how did you find this post four months later @ShadowStorm?

On topic, am I crazy or did the devs recently talk about this? I tried looking through forum dev posts, but I didn’t see anything. Maybe it was another source? Or maybe my memory’s just starting to go.

That is not Overwatch how did you get there I want to be there

edit: wait what this post is from june why did this get necroed

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You’re not crazy. I read a dev comment that said they were ‘brainstorming a solution to transferring’. This was like. A month ago maybe?

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I go to join in the dance party… only to realize I don’t have the dance emote.
I go to retort with a voice line, only to realize I don’t have it.
Give me them.

There it is. I was having trouble finding it since the post it’s replying to is the one with all the relevant information.

Edit: Also, does anyone know how to properly quote posts with quotes in them? It always comes out messed up like this. Still legible, but it doesn’t show the initial poster’s username, and it looks like I also lost Jeff’s awesome orange font color.

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I can’t imagine what a colossal pain the mechanics behind transferring cosmetics would be but god, this posts fills me with hope and admiration.

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Absolutely. I worked in QA for a video game developer for a while, and man it was a crazy process to make sure everything was exactly how it should be based on Nintendo’s/Sony’s/Microsoft’s specifications. I did not envy the team whose entire job was just that.

…Then again, I was playing the same levels of a kids game over and over again for months, up to 12 hours a day during crunch time, so. Yeah, moral of the story: don’t get into QA.

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