New item and a Fresh ladderboard won’t help to prevent quick Repetition boredom. If there is no new activities to do, ladders flat fast. The game needs news Additional content oriented ladders/event/activities

Dont get me wrong the new update looks good, but its like giving Us new tools but no new project to use them with

stuff like:

  • Holy grail

a challenge to the first with all items. To ensure the validity of the entries, it only accounts items that were first picked up by you. So no selling of unid items to trick the holy grail.Comes with the introduction of the Holy grail tab

  • the demonic list
  • every time you kill a super Unique, the whole game gains +1mlvl(unactivated mobs, capped at 85-87), when all areas reach mlvl85, the buff to mobs is dmg/life/xp/noloot/resistances

Ideally super uniques would gain more buff than regular mobs, making each next one harder and harder. There could even be some shenanigan with them being allowed to higher mlvl lvl and TC so down the line they can drop everything to compensate the fact that no-loot bonus doesn’t affect them

This would incite people to hunt them

Finally we would have a reason to kill blood raven

We would have a reason to revisit the den of evil for Corpsefire, the barrack for the smith, maggot for coldworm, etc

All especially all those more unknown

People would learn about all the Super uniques and potentially their story

There are like 60 of them

Killing them all could even trigger a special event. Potentially using legendary super Unique removes from the game or some never seen like Reziarfg

People would create games and hunt parties to kill them all, have better farming areas and ultimately trigger the Event

  • Restless Darkness

When you full clear an area, sunbeams appear like in the den of evil and you character says something

At that moment, a time starts

10 minutes(example time) later a message springs

“Darkness has engulfed The far Oasis, evil walks again on this land”

the area is repopulated with monsters, stronger ones

This buff to monsters is similar to what playercount provides

  • dmg
  • life
  • xp
  • no loot

But also

  • mlvl*
  • all resists(including magic and up to 99 )
  • maybe even a bit more density

  • King of the Hell

Game with hell baal quest completed have this mechanic. This mechanic determines the total number of monsters in the game and the least of them are left, the stronger they become.

For more details:

The PERFECT endgame solution!

You have a tracker displaying the % of the game that is cleared. This is where the leaderboard gets it’s data. Highest % reached, highest % boss kills, fastest time to reach 100%

  • The 9 circles of hell

where hell becomes harder each time you complete it. On the last Hell act bosses are harder than regular ubers. First to complete the game on this ultra hard difficulty

  • PVP

every account starts with 100pts, each time you kill somebody you gain 10% of his points if hostility is mutual and 1% if not

  • Bounty Hunting (A)

Every hour the game asks players on the server to kill X type of monster, they are then considered p10&mlvl85(placeholder difficulty), giving more Xp, more items but also way harder to kill and more dangerous. these monsters also giving Points toward the bounty leaderboard

Ie: Go to Natalya and she say “I got report from the order that there is an invasion of Urdar, go kill them and they’ll reward you”

  • Bounty hunting (B)

every new game, Natalya has a contract for you

monsters are gathering in a specific area, gathering troops to launch an assault on a city
she mandates you to go cleanse this area
monsters are empowered and guided by a leader boss
this empowerment consists in dmg/mlvl/life/noloot/resist/density

  • Anya’s personalized art transmuation


Step 1: kill nilatak

Step 2: got see Anya which will grant you a free personalization

Step3: put the item you want changed on the left

Step 4: put the item you want the left items to look like on the right

Step5: if out of free personalization put a standard of heroes in the bottom slot

Step 6: click personalize and claim your item

Disclaimer: Have to mention beforehand

  • completing the quest grant you 1 for free, so 3 free shots like Akara’s respec
  • This is only a visual transmutation, not stats is changed to the item in the process
  • Theres also a toggle created to switch Alt art on and Off for people who wants to know what other wear during Pvp (ideally inspect function)
  • there is also a warning message when trading a personalized item
  • The used item is gone… sacrificed in the process, cant get it back
  • this would have for effect to valourize items that look great/special but are bad, ie: Girswold edge or BoneSnap

why standard of heroes? First because it has no value and also Because Standard means “Banner, a visual representation of what you represent” and Heroes, therefor Standard of Heroes means " The visual representation of heores" and Anya Kinda thinks you are a heroe

I hate the term Transmog, it doesn’t belong in Diablo franchise, even less in D2, by definition transmog is to change an appearance to look grotestque and funny, that’s not what we would aim in Diablo 2, we want to look good, heroic and intimidating. I’d called it personalized gear

Got any other ideas of additional ladder types, share it

Note: to clarify because some don’t seem to get it, those are all running together on the same Ladder season, they aren’t ladder choices you make when you create your character, your ladder character can engage in all of those at once. The goal is to cut the boredom, segregating them into their own ladders would be counterproductive

People aren’t as much interested in the ladderboard as some pretend to

as always! If you like or are interested in topics and conversations they generate, reply something, that’s the only way to keep them going for everybody to see them


Ideas are nice but there is no way they can implement anything like that in next several months.

Only grail thing maybe.

No thank you. We´re fine with how the game is - the current planned changes are already too much.


Currently planned things are honestly just a good start, they need to deliver more eventualy.

What i want to see the most now is pvp arena where even hc chars can pvp without dying or pvp server on side.

That would be great yeah! Additional content without changing the game itself doesn´t hurt anybody.


Yeah… because additional content that changes(improve) the game Hurts people… lol purists live in a weird mindset


Improving is very relative.

For some adding lootboxes to D2 would also be an improvement. For most D2 fans, not so much.

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I am pretty sure you can think of many things which can be improven in D2. But it is fear of change whats preventing you from wanting new stuff. I mean it is understandable that people think new changes can break game somehow but i think people should have little bit more faith.

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Lol purists are driven by fear but mysteriously we dont hear them whine about shared tabs anymore

also, purists had a chance to join hands with Changists and ask together for Improvements but with split mode… they prefered to fight against Changes rather than ask for that split mode… now i hope they just dont get split mode just for their sheer entitlement

Split mode was never good idea honestly. It would only split player base. Not to mention there is many different kinds if purists who are ok with different kind of changes.

oh please… split mode wouldnt split the playerbase…

i dont call 3% vs 97% “splitting the playerbase”

split mode was never about splitting but rather shutting anoying purists down and giving them their weird quirk fantasy


No Ionz/Vechain/Sekscalibure/all of your other accounts, it wont. Maybe for a few casuals like you who wont stop crying until D2R is a hybrid of D2, D3, POD, POE, PS4, PD2…

Its clear they will not add more content at this time, and probably ever. Not when they brought up revamping new Ilvl85 areas, vs creating new ones.
They have made it clear they wont/cant change the core of the game, and are keeping it true D2.

The grail tab would be great, but I would rather they focus on a Loot Tab first to help with the current QOL of not enough stash space.

PVP groups already have their own league and rules and format, they will be fine.

All the other ideas, meh, talk about stuff that will fall flat because its silly and over complicated and not even remotely close to pure D2. What you are suggesting is exactly like UMS for Sc/WC3.


Is there going to be a day where you don’t shoehorn the word purist into every statement you make?

Some additional content might be acceptable depending on its implementation. Too much content or content that is clearly superior to pre existing content will just pigeon hole people into doing the same hamster wheel activities. Then there will new generation of posts asking for content. Where does it end? At some point there needs to be a stopping point.

Now that being said this game all ready is a hamster wheel. Make a character, level up, farm for your next one. That’s my personal endgame, replaying it. Some choose to PvP.

All things aside, I don’t foresee any form of content coming in the form of areas, quests or activities. It just doesn’t seem worth the time to develop with D4 on the way. The foundation of this game and it’s content was set in place long ago.


Ew. Let’s not and keep the game the way it is. If it wasn’t a good enough game as is then it would not have been resurrected 20 years after it was made.


The concern is that the game will be improved for pvm at the cost of ruining pvp balance. That is why brawling turned out the way it did in D3.

Believe it or not we were actually able to form a fledgeling brawling pvp community and it was somewhat balanced between a few builds towards the end of vanilla D3.

What happened then was RoS came out and improved the game for pvm with no consideration for pvp. Brawling became an impossible task to balance so we just gave up.

I’m all for improving pvm, and I hope they do. But it needs to be done in a way that does not destroy pvp balance in the game. It can be done, hell they could just create a 1.14 pvp mode like how they have a classic mode, problem would be completely solved. Pvmers would be playing the new patches with basically a new game and pvpers could be playing on their realm, free of problems that the new items create.

I don’t care how small of a fraction a group of players is because all players can get what they want here.

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Lol accusing me of multi account because he cant fathom that multiple people disagree with him

And accusing me of being a casual when I most likely have played more Diablo 2 than 99% of purists here

People have the wrong assumption that all people wanting changes haven’t played the game enough because they don’t like it, but one option they don’t consider is maybe some people who want change have done it all… multiple times and they just want reasons to keep playing that game they love


I’m fine with the current version as long as it works as it used to. Which it doesn’t.

Boredom isn’t going to be stopped-- it could be slowed down for some with what you say but it should be an option or not at all. It shouldn’t hurt players who are not interested. It shouldn’t be tied to a ladder, all these things you suggest should be something different. Not everyone finds boredom as fast as others or much at all.

The ladders main function was just to move to it… why? because that’s where all the players went and in the past (I played a crapload then) you wouldn’t have the same population numbers. It’s basically just a wipe to even the playing field with gear.

Lots of ideas like this could be good but could also screw up the game from what people generally liked for 20 years. I like the old version except it should be polished and more options with builds. (Enhancing the damages and whatnot of abilities). Not making D2 into some D3 or version of it. Not saying it would be but it could be and that’s just a nasty thought.

I like classic d2 anyway, much more fair across the board. See I didn’t find boredom much cause I did the main things very often. Grind levels/gear and PVP!!! the whole games lobby often was pvp games back in the day.

low lvl duelz
low lvl duels

you get the point. Games were that and leveling runs/mf.

SO just make more builds better and keep gear simple and people will want to fight and have fun.

no doubt the will add more but they already did massive changes to improve stability, now they add some skill changes and will also use PTR to test those changes. Rather have them do things slow and steady instead of rushing things…

I agree that evolving the game would be a lot of fun. I’ve played Diablo 2 for 20 years just like a lot of you but now I have an actual life which is way different than middle school when I first started. Grinding 6-8 hours a day just isn’t realistic for the average player. There has to be a better and fresh end game. Despite how much I hated how Diablo 3 started and still have a bad taste in my mouth, they started to win me back with the Seasonal objectives.

Then endgame for D2 can’t just be grinding for more powerful gear. There has to be a difficulty increase of some sorts. One of the few things I did like about D3 was the first version of Inferno when no one could get past Act 2. What is the point of godly optimized items if they aren’t usable. I can make a cheap Hammerdin who runs HC hell without any fear of dying. I want to take more risk vs reward. Hardcore play is basically the same after you get to a certain point because my gear is good enough, I won’t die.

The argument about PvP being the end game is invalid. Once again, HC play is where a lot of us like to be and there is just too much risk vs reward.

Something needs to change. It can be gradual, but if people really wanted the game to stay identical, they would have still been playing the original game and not waiting for the remake. If Blizzard were to implement new ideas and challenges into Ladder/Seasons, I’m betting the same people who argue to keep it the same will be the first to say “I don’t want to play the non-ladder version” even though it would essentially be the original game with upgraded graphics. Graphics only take you so far, you need content and new players/keeping players engaged to keep the game alive.


Sounds like you play SC. of course the end game is PvP when there is no real risk on the table.