Terror zone: a lacklustre step in the right direction

Feedback Time!!!

First of all, thanks blizzard for listening to the greatest mind on this forum

Now keep listening to it so your product is optimal

What are the flaws of your terror zone mechanic?

  • obviously like all PTR stuff, balancing values isn’t the best, atm it’s too much exp which trivialize the path to 99

  • incentivize even more game creation spam

  • people will just login or participate when it’s a meta zone

  • lack of extra appeal

  • lack of player agency in the mechanic

  • making it a Mlvl scaler you heavily penalize melee builds through the hit calculation

How to solve those ?

First of all the mlvl should be scaled up to a maximum of 85 to normalize all areas. When an area is alvl85, it’s then scaled through Playercount like modifiers, by that I mean dmg/life/do/no loot and add some resists to that including magic

Then the Exp penalty should be reworked to be less aggressive on the last levels. Just enough to make killing monsters twice as fast as killing Diablo/baal/nil

Then comes the replayability and player agency

  • once you full clear a terror zone, the terror moves to another zone within this same game

When the Terror affects an act 5 times, a Uber boss will spawn in it

  • act 1 the butcher: applies open wounds, spawns blood golems, etc

  • act 2 Horazon: cast Elemental, can stone curse you, summons super uniques

  • act 3 Lazarus: Casts Fist of hell(Unholy Foh), guarded by doom Knights which he can revive at will, casts Terror that works on Chars, etc

  • act 4 King Leoric: every time he gets hit by a damage type, 2 skeleton warrior appear with resistance to that damage type, his attack is the reworked version of Vengeance,on hit it has 33% chance to cast ice blast, 33% chance to cast fireball, 33% chance to cast charged bolt

  • act 5 Reziarfg: attacks with powerful spikes from bellow, spawns multiple worms like poison creeper, biting creepers, carrion vines paired with Sand maggot eggs

  • add a special boss to terror zone. The server has a counter of how many of these bosses have been killed and when a certain number is reached, a new terror zone unlocks for the hour. This incentivize people to play less fun terror zone to spawn a potentially better one.
  • cubing essence of terror in a zone could probably terrorize it too

Now in terms of appeal, people are talking about density but while I understand the reason behind that and how fun it could be, this would only make melee feel even crappier in comparison since you increase the number of single targets to kill one by one, putting it in a even greater disadvantage than it already is compared to aoe builds

Ofc some density bonus to lacklustre areas would be great, but it shouldn’t be major nor widespread

Instead It should come based on the concept of terror

  • breakables in terrorized zones have x% chance to work like an evil Urn

  • shrines have double effect in terror zones, they also act as evil urns

And ultimately, this could be gamified

Making it a leaderboard with the most “terror monsters killed”

And not to mention that these changes allow for a better single player compatibility of the mechanic, being able to generate more terror zones by clearing previous ones

Once again, thank blizzard for doing this but not too much so they don’t think it’s a done deal

Weve been over this, they did not listen to you. They enhanced current areas instead of what you wanted which resemble PD2 maps and D3 Rifts.
Stop lying, we have not forgotten.



You really need to get over yourself, dude. Just because the Terror Rifts happen “every hour”, and one of your hundreds of ideas that you spam on the forums also happens “every hour” doesn’t mean they took your idea. I guess since my grandfather clock chimes “every hour”, it too also took your idea? Even though it was built 50 years ago?


Great way to manage a Feedback forum Moderarors

Allow people to attack players that share their feedback…

This lack of intervention toward this disgusting behaviour will obviously incite more people to share theirs lol

Could the moderation do their job and allow feedback to be discussed civilly and intelligently please

Back to the main topic

Calling out your blatant lying and spamming (against TOS btw) is not attacking.

You taking credit for things you copied and changed a few words and added some lipstick to, is not your idea.

Based on how many silences you have been through, their intervention is dialed in where it should be.

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Now I don’t mean to attack you but my opinion is different than yours:

I do not personally think the path to 99 is trivialized nor do I think the terror zones are giving too much experience.

I do not see that as a problem whatsoever.

Lack of player agency? I will strongly agree with you that that is a problem!


agreed, can moderation please prevent this guy from spam posting the same thing on repeat everywhere so other people can share their ideas?


There is no attack in what you said

Others are attacks because they aren’t even talking about the topic at hand, they prefer to defame and denigrate me personally rather than talk about terror zones lol


Allow players to have an impact on the spawning of these areas would make the mechanic so much more better

So because my idea got chosen once by blizzard I’m not allowed to share more or help making it better?

Does it ever happen to you to not be a reactionary toxic aggressor?

Had it been llama that suggested what I suggested people would be constantly praising him and not even doubting that it the same endgame mechanic… but it happens to be somebody hated because he’s smarter and more creative than those sad little forum dwellers

No you legit did not suggest it first… LOL. Calling you out on it is not toxic, its not my/rest of forums responsibility to worry about your level of sensitivity when we post, as long as we are within the TOS.
Deal with it.

I and a few others have suggested in the past that they enhance some zones periodically or make it a cube-able experience end game mechanic similar to ubers.
Just because you said 1 hour with your rift/pod end game map/ all the other fantasy, gimmicky ideas, hit, does not mean you can take full credit.
You merely changed a few words on someone else’s essay and submitted it.

So much saltiness it’s sad

Look I’m not only a great mind but I’m also a kind heart

If you want I can teach you how to be a creative genius rather than being a salty troll

Life if so much better on my side

Meanwhile, can mods do their job and delete those who are purposefully derailing this feedback topic into personal attacks please

Dont care about your soft feelings bud.

Will blizzard do the right thing or double down on their lacklustre implementation of my mechanic

That’s a pretty wild accusation that you’re making. Do you have any proof that they copied your idea?

If your idea was copied “so poorly”, then perhaps they weren’t even copying your idea? Crazy I know!

Pretty funny by the way that you imply that you’re the greatest mind on this forum when you don’t even get the basics right, such as runewords such as faith are harder to obtain than Windforce.

Lol it’s pretty obvious

The similarities make it evident

And they cut the corners round because they are blizzard and can’t implement something at its true potential, they have to make it flawed