WoW Classic Testing Access as of May 22

First off all, we want to thank all of you who have shown interest in testing WoW Classic. Having extra eyes on so many aspects of the game is a huge help as we prepare for the upcoming release.

At this time, we’ve finished sending out all of the invites for the first stress test. This large invite wave took a number of hours to process, so please check that thread for details about it and we’ll see many of you there when the test begins later today. Also, don’t forget that we have a couple more stress tests scheduled, so keep an eye out for updates on those in the coming weeks.

Related to this, we’ve seen a lot of questions about the general invite process and want to clarify a few things. The method in which people are invited from the opt-in pool is not on a first-come-first-served basis, but instead we look at a variety of factors such as the age of the account. That said, the amount of closed beta invites that we’re sending out is rapidly decreasing as we have met our current population needs for testing. We’ll regularly reevaluate the need for additional invites as we go through the testing process.

Thank you for your continued interest in WoW Classic and we can’t wait to see you in Azeroth on August 27!


Eagerly looking for an invite, best of luck to everyone.




For those of us who haven’t yet solved our 2 PTR account issues, can we safely say that we would have received a Beta invite email if we were invited, even with the issue of 2 PTR accounts?

No-one with 2 PTR accounts seems to have gotten into Beta, nor received invites, so I hope that an unknown issue in the Battle Net account system didn’t deny some of us beta.


You would get better testers from folks who ARENT current subscribers because many dont play the current game anymore. Me, like many others are not subbing for a CHANCE at a beta invite.


Any updates on us who had 2 ptr accounts and had them removed by CS this afternoon? We received the emails that we were in for the stress test however we are still not seeing the ptr available. Thanks for the updates!


No soup for you!

I wan’t an invite to the actual thing, not just 2 hours of level 5 cap restricted gameplay


so wait even though you sent me the email and removed one of my Ptr accounts I will not be in stress test because you’re finished now?? So sad!


You will get to play until 6pm PST tomorrow. The 2 hours is when Blizz will be monitoring the test.


Its in an hour and a half. Download the client if its available to you.

I guess I can stop checking my launcher every hour then. It sucks to suck.

Its a shame I’m not going to get to take part in that lvl 30 meta. It looks like a ton of fun.


anyone else have problems to enter the stress test already? i get the invite but the server appears offline to me, and the schedule says 6pm

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So, closed beta is full?

I would if It was there…

Time zones…

4 to 6 pm PDT


I will be your champion oh great Blizzard.
The no life is within me and I have memories and experience of the past.
I will heed your call for the great testers! I will explore every nook and cranny to uncover all those pesky bugs!

For Glory! For Honor! For Warcraft!


From the sound of what the blue posted us who had their ptr accounts removed but received the email that we were in are not going to get in at all for this test as they stated the final re-flags had been sent out.