Are Beta Invites Over?

Maybe they will all unsub because they think invites are done giving us a better chance. They said they could invite more in the future.

Do casinos go to court for taking your money in blackjack?

Casinos dont have a sign outside warning you that you are likely to lose either.

I would imagine the core frustration stems from the evolution of blizzard. Look back to the early 2000’s they had a mission of simply making good games.
The industry has grown and there is far more competition for revenue. Companies that want to survive will do what they have to do.

Blizz also has the courtesy of knowing no matter what they do this summer people will still come back for classic and probably even future retail expainsions. (Should they fix their shortcomings discovered by making BFA feel as if it has the same flow of gameplay as a mobile game)

I certainly have no objection with that happening :stuck_out_tongue: There are two more stress tests… hopefully the one stress test invite covers all of them.

But I suspect they will increase the BETA more. They have what they need NOW but as they open more levels… they will want to bring in fresh blood. :slight_smile:

Well blizz said they are decreasing beta invites.

That is not completely accurate. Looking at the near future… that is the effect. Right now they have pretty much all the testers they need. But over time that number might (and often does) change. Resulting in more beta waves being sent out.

But with a previous post using the term “Very limited beta”, one can assume they never expect to invite as many as they have in previous betas.

that we’re sending out is rapidly decreasing as we

Meaning they are still going out. Not completely over.

I’m not sure if you’re joking with that last bit but everyone knew that you needed to be subbed to be in the pool of people that invites would be selected from. There was no guarantee that you’d get into the beta, only into the pool of people that could get into beta.

What you’re suggesting is akin to demanding a refund for a raffle ticket because you didn’t win the prize. You can’t win the prize without a ticket, but having a ticket doesn’t guarantee a prize. There’s no obscure lies happening; at best someone misunderstanding or conflating issues.

Yeah, you all go ahead and opt out of the opportunity for Beta >.> more chances for me if they send more out. I honestly do believe more will likely end up being sent out though. The biggest complaint I have seen from content creators is that they would like more people to be present for beta testing. This isn’t saying that Blizzard is gonna bend over for them and let more people in just for that reason. It just means that there is an added reason for doing so if they need more.

I’m 35, I’m technically a millennial.

Stop with this garbage.

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Are you a streamer ?

If yes, please contact Blizzard for your invitation.
If no, yeah, beta invitations are over


Actually that makes you Gen X. Not like people did not trash Gen X either >.>. Everybody just wants to live in there ignorant bliss. =P

Negative - Millenials start at 1981/1982 - 2004.


You should definitely stay away from Vegas if this was your takeaway from that.

Betas have always been a small subsection of the player base. Wotlk beta had like 100k people tops, out of millions. They made it clear this beta was going to be even smaller. Ergo, resubbing just to have a tiny shot at beta access was objectively a stupid play.

Actually looked it up to make sure… you are correct. I honestly thought it started in the 90s.

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Realistically the “titled” generations should probably be more like 10-15 years maximum. The difference between an early millennial and a millennial born in 2000 is, I think, fairly substantial.

But you can say that about anyone comparing an 18yo to a mid 30s person…

When do you guys think the beta will end? Because i don’t know how many people are in the same boat as me but, I it feels bad when you have a couple friends who got in the Beta right away, and you go into your discord to shoot the crap with friends and say whats up but you just have to listen to them for the next 2 and a half months. I’m not saying I or anyone else is entitled to it it just really sucks when world of warcraft is basically the only game you play and your more casual friends get beta access since day one (not content creators they just have accounts from 2004, mine was early 2005 :disappointed_relieved:)

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I think this is a loaded question. It’s slowed down till blizzard thinks they need more invites out. So it’s “Paused” for now.

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I subscribed for the chance of Beta knowing it would be slim to none to get in (even though I’m a player from 2004).

They can’t invite every person, some people are just going to miss out.

I plan on hanging out in retail for a bit but can’t bring myself to log in to play it :frowning:


Well damn… there it is.