I will not test your layering blizzard

Good feedback.



You have fun with that.


as far from what i heard or saw from blue posts that there might be future invite waves but that being in the stress test will not increase your chances to the beta

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How is this related to the original post?

That’s cool man.

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did you read it?

You are twisting words to suit your agenda and frustrations. Here is what they actually said:

" The method in which people are invited from the opt-in pool is not on a first-come-first-served basis, but instead we look at a variety of factors such as the age of the account. That said, the amount of closed beta invites that we’re sending out is rapidly decreasing as we have met our current population needs for testing. We’ll regularly reevaluate the need for additional invites as we go through the testing process."

I for one will be happy to test layering. It’s one of the things I’m really interested in seeing how it works, since sharding was a dealbreaker for me with Classic.

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“classic wow sharding”

Your OP said they are not giving out anymore beta invite.

What you linked yourself doesn’t even say that. It does say that the amount being sent out is rapidly decreasing, but they will regularly reevaluate the need for additional invites.

I was also disappointed when I read that, but you shouldn’t twist what was actually said.

i did they said they will reevaluate the need to invite more people. meaning that in the future they might invite more people.

not any time soon when every they FEEL like it.

You’re having a tantrum because they’re keeping the main beta small, so you think that refusing to help stress test the server will stick it to the man (in this case, Blizzard). Did I get it right?


Yeah, I understand that.

Trust me Arkayy, that was disappointing for me to read too because I know that means my chance of actually get in the closed beta now is very slim. But to be fair, it’s something I knew going in.

I have waited for probably more than eight years to play Vanilla WoW. As excited as I am and hyped, three months isn’t too much farther away.


i dont really care as my post said im not testing their layering.i cant take a wow break until the classic launch.

they said the will regularly reevaluate meaning that the will constantly reevaluate the need to add more people. regularly means constant or a pattern so they will have ether have a pattern of adding more people or have the need to constantly add more.

you cant wait around for that begging blizzard for an invite not me.

no i am not why would you assume that

I did, but I also read in another post the start of the original account did not matter. will the true Info please stand up.

As far as I know, this is how every beta by blizzard has been handled. They start small, slowly increase the number of invites as needed and eventually lead up to an open beta period before release.

The stress test is going to be more than just a simple test, it’s a community event that you’ve been invited to participate it. If you’re gonna pout over not getting a beta invite and deny yourself something I’m sure you’d enjoy, that’s your loss.

So, baby want invite, baby want now!