PSA: Blizzard isn't handing out any more beta invites

They say as much in “WoW Classic Testing Access as of May 22.” Check the sticky post.

Nobody else is getting in.

That is all.


They said they are slowing them down. Not that its a hard stop on all.
They also state they will add more when needed in the future.
You need to re check the sticky.


Well that is unless you’re a streamer. After they look at your sub and average viewer counts along with the trendiness of your content they see if they can give you beta access


I’ll just leave this here, from the exact sticky you’re referencing.

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its because all your streamers idols are already in fanboy


That is in no way shape or form a guarantee that they’ll start sending out waves again.

My original post still stands.

“the amount of closed beta invites that we’re sending out is rapidly decreasing as we have met our current population needs for testing. We’ll regularly reevaluate the need for additional invites as we go through the testing process.”

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Like I said. That’s not a guarantee they’ll start sending out invites again.

The amount of invites is rapidly decreasing because the amount of streamers left willing to “participate” is rapidly decreasing

By their wording, they are still adding at a reduced rate and evaluating things as they go. By your wording, they are flat out not adding anyone else at all.

You’re being disingenuous.

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Purely in the interests of encouraging people not to get their hopes up.

They won’t listen if they believe invites are still going out.

…Crap. Never mind. I just woke up a little bit ago. x.x Carry on people.

If someone sees that sticky and rushes out to subscribe (purely to get into beta and not touch modern WoW) despite knowing full well that luck isn’t on their side, that’s on them. They don’t have a leg to stand on if they want to complain that they didn’t get in.

Trainwrecks recently got invited (in the past 24 hours)

I think they are just slowing down. dont give up hope and make sure you pay for that sub!!

Hope is a trap.

I’ll be right here paying my sub anyway so I don’t have to waste time re-entering my credit card information in August. :stuck_out_tongue:

How noble of you.

Ill try to put in a good word with asmongold to get you a Classic TBC Beta Invite.

Screw TBC.