PvE beta server too low population

That’s not really true. Every class can be good at pvp.

LOL, PvE has always been more populated than PvP.


I predict this will not be the case come classic. It will be interesting to see.

Sure thing. Just give me a Beta invite and I will be right over. :slight_smile:

Maybe it will balance out or maybe more classic wow players pvp now. I use to mostly pve and now i pvp mostly.

I doubt it, if for no other reason than we have a blue post about:

Which indicates to me that it would be “a couple/few weeks” before they’re ready to send out more invites to closed beta. Now granted, that was posted 11 days ago, so we’re moving into the window for “a couple weeks” this week. But my money would still be on later in the week.

That is exactly where I am coming from. I will gladly sub and give you my money AFTER you either do an open beta or send me an invite. I don’t gamble sorry.
When you compared it to a lottery blizzard pretty much sealed it for me.

And I only plan on playing on a PVE server. I got over pvp servers a long long time ago. The level of exclusivity is dumb- even streamers have said so.

Maybe even only give them a pve server option

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There are potential PvP bugs as well, but when I’m doing my bug testing, I don’t want to be worried about PvP happening while filling out a bug report.

While I personally would prefer playing on a PvP server, I am all for beta testing on the PvE server if needed. It might actually be a better opportunity to test for bugs.

Besides, as other posters have mentioned, it’s not like there is an lack of pvp opportunities to find bugs related to pvp. After all, the every first server I primarialy played on (a PvE server) had plenty of world pvp going on back in BC.

Precisely, and you can test PvP by flagging, dueling, and doing BGs.

Ah you got my arm behind my back, I guess I’ll have to take that invite to join the PvE servers

I’d join you in the PVE server ;( .

Do not worry about this. There will be plenty of people in PVE realms specially 2-3 days after launch where everyone gets to contested areas and are ganked every minute, they will evntually migrate to PVE. We are talking hundreds of thousands of people coming to classic, is hard to believe at least 2k will not be in a PVE realm. I repeat again, do not worry.

no one is talking about launch … they talk about the beta … whole different story.

Intelligent people play on the PvE server.

People that like to grief others play on the PvP server.


I would happily play the PVE server, but they’d probably have to establish some sort of separate account to stop people from getting into beta and just going to Streamer City.

They’ll add more people if they find it necesary.

sitting here waiting for PVE invite. I will never play a PVP server :slight_smile: by choice… dang stress test … :slight_smile:

I may play on one. Would love to test.

People who suck at pvp. That is why I hated being on a pvp server in vanilla.

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It wouldn’t be too crazy to think the gatekeeper could look at the current activity and participation and say in a godly voice – “Let 50 more beta invites rain down from the heavens to those mortals over there (points) … oh and order tacos for lunch thanks!” :stuck_out_tongue:

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