Blizzard i give!

I’d rather tune into someone like yourself than pokithot.


I too am afflicted by severe levels of beta thirst.

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Even if you weren’t “joking,” the chances of this actually succeeding are not particularly high to begin with.

Blizzard’s not inviting anymore, no matter what their post on the matter said.

Ah, the classic “I haven’t been invited so they aren’t inviting anyone” rationalization.

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No. They literally said invitations are “winding down.”

That’s PR speak for “nobody else is getting in unless we change our minds, which is unlikely.”

This is what was actually said

Like I said, feel free to rationalize why you haven’t been invited any way you wish, but you’re wrong. More streamers have been invited since this was posted.

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What makes you think I care about being invited? I’d actually prefer NOT to be invited because I’ll get too attached to a character that won’t be there at launch.

No thanks. I’m just trying to get people to see through the PR speak.

Because you keep saying “no one is being invited,” “they have stopped invites,” “blizzard isn’t inviting anymore” like a paranoid buffoon, while people continue to get in.

What people?

Streamers, you ninny.

More of them got in over the weekend.

pssst i made another chat thread called barrens chat :stuck_out_tongue:

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more regular folk got in too mate calm down o:

I can’t take you seriously anymore.

Well, yes, but streamers are the obvious ones because they are streaming.

so why is it a problem if more streamers got in o: or isnt there one? sorry havent scrolled up to read lol


Go keep wasting your time spamming “no more invites” - I don’t care, I was just telling you that you’re wrong.

Whatever you need to tell yourself to sleep at night after you’ve checked your launcher and not gotten in, man.

It’s not, I was just shutting down the “blizzard isn’t inviting anymore” comment.

wut happend D: you has the salt now why

He’s just trying to mask his desire to play beta by trying to be cynical about it.

I want to be invited just to brag on these forums about it. I’m not gonna actually use it. It’s just that so many people here hate me just for having a different opinion, so it would so much fun to rub it in to the ones that are complaining about not getting in.