A return to WOW

I don’t mind waiting. I found out it was coming out and heard all you needed was to have played during vanilla and have an active subscription. I found out from a streamer I watch. As I wasn’t active in wow and hadn’t been in years I didn’t go looking for the full information. I just followed the steps set out by the streamer. It wasn’t till after the fact that I found out that it wasn’t the case. That is what caused me to explore other parts of the game.

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Ah, understandable.

I’m sorry you heard false information, and I completely understand that there are others, like yourself, who have not been following all this closely like many of us here have. I can see why you would think what you did. I hope the streamer you heard it from made a correction to his, or her, audience later on.

Since you subscribed, I would say you at least have a fairly good chance of getting at least in one of the stress tests. I didn’t get a beta invite, but was in the last two stress tests. They invite many more people to those, as opposed to the closed beta. The stress tests don’t last very long, a couple of days, but it’s still fun to get in, report some bugs, and get to see old WoW again finally.

Keep in mind that emails don’t always come, or come late. If you use Google, check your promotions tab, because that’s where my invite for the stress test showed up. But the best way to check for an invite to either the beta or stress test is to check your battle net launcher. Above the “play” button on the WoW page is a dropdown menu (if you have more than one WoW account tied to the account). Like a WoW1, WoW2, PTR, etc. If you are in the beta or stress test, you will see a “Classic Beta / Stress Test” (or something along those lines) pop up in that dropdown menu. If you see that, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you actually have beta, but could have access to the upcoming stress test.

The way to be sure if you have the actual beta is launch the Classic Beta / Stress Test client. If you see more servers than just the “Stress Test” server, you have beta.

Also, everyone who was recently in the last couple stress tests had this option removed from their launcher in the last couple days. More than likely because they will be sending out another wave of invites for the next stress test the middle of this month.

Also, sorry I came off as sarcastic earlier. There has just been tons of threads here lately similar to yours and people upset about beta. It’s more understandable to me for it to come from someone who hasn’t been following this and you heard something that unfortunately, just wasn’t true.

Creating a beta behind a paywall to get returning players but then only offering the main game to people that don’t want it could be seen as a bait and switch. It won’t be me but I have seen lawsuits over less. It just seems like a crappy thing to do when there primary audience for this no longer plays the game.

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lots of people dont like the streamers. why does that bother you so much?

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I found this out watching streamers talk about all the complaints that they got in and then read up on how people where upset about streamers getting priority over other players. I am not complaining about streamers having access before other people. Simply commenting on my experience as a returning player.

So what your saying is, your evidence is that the streamers who got in are streaming, and some people who didn’t get in are complaining. This is your “evidence” that “only streamers are getting in for the most part”…just spectacular…

Get back to me when you have literally any proof whatsoever for your claims.

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To start this post was from my point of view as a returning player. At no point was this intended to remark on how current players feel about the game as I have not been here to follow that.

Based on comments made by people I follow. I know know how one gets isn’t true now but that wasn’t the case when I followed the directions of a steamer on how to get in.

When I talk about unique I am referring to the way a class plays. My rouge plays pretty much the same as any other rouge. I can’t spec into multiple trees or build a shaman that is designed to be melee with some spell based abilities bonuses.

If I had to guess on lving to 120 using the classic method it would probably be around 700-800 hours solo but greatly reduced if you played with a top tier friend like we did back in BC.

Other than raid finder and org I didn’t see a single other person lving.

The lawsuit would probably come under as a bait and switch type of deal. To entice old players in with the hopes of a beta but with blizzard having little to no intention of letting those players in. Leaving them with a product they don’t have interest in playing. I could easily see this occurring given the number of lawsuits issued in the past 10 years in video games.

I am well aware the closed beta will wipe all data. I have participated in many over the years for different companies and products. The issue isn’t the short term nature of the product but how the product is being distributed.

So don’t read it then. The OP made good points.

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So you’re saying everyone who got a beta invite is a streamer? There aren’t thousands upon thousands of streamers, because no one would be available to watch them, so that’s pretty far fetched.

Leveling was toned down and made easy because there are 120 of them, which is a lot. The end game is where your content is, and it is more challenging than any content I have ever done. If you’re not into personal achievement or downing that last mythic boss / completing a mythic 20 in time… then yea, I could see why you aren’t interested. There is definitely challenging content though lol…

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I’m not salty about streamers. If it where not for them I wouldn’t have known about this. They are where I got my information on how to get into the beta and how I later heard about the large number of streamers that got access. I have no issue with them getting in. I was simply relaying what I learned as I came back into the game. This is a perspective and a retelling of events as I experienced them, not a condemnation.

I never said I was owed. That is your view of what I wrote not why was said. I never once said I expected them to give it to me. I was showing how I was misinformed on how to get in. In the past other companies have been sued for creating a bait and switch. This is simply a comment to make the developer take notice of how this is perceived. Not a notice of action being taken. I get that you are defensive of your game but this is a discussion not a declaration of war.

U’re talking as if we’re talking the release of classic wow, this is a BETA.
Next thing! less than 3% on the beta is a streamer, the rest are mostly people that played in vanilla.

U not being chosen from out of millions of players is not that weird.

Not everyone gets to play the beta.

You’re here only because you have lots of :salt: For not being in the beta.


Lots of :salt: :salt: here.

Scale professions. The items you make come out your level, that way something you learned at level ten that was a good item, good food, good piece of gear, good potion, etc, still is at level forty or eighty or one hundred twenty. Don’t alter the mats needed to make it. That at least will make professions worth doing from day one as they are at max, and keep all of the mats worth gathering not just current end game mats.

Now, many will freak out over this one but I don’t care. To make gear matter again get rid of heirlooms completely. Add an alchemist potion for extra XP gains for those who just want to plow through regardless. But right now all quest gear/weapon drops, dungeon gear/weapon drops, and raid gear/weapon drops are worthless BECAUSE of heirlooms so why take the time to go get those items?

Also, these levels of WhateverForging in end game content, get rid of that crap. And get rid of all gear catch up mechanics so you don’t negate all the time and effort players put in up to that point. When you’re better off waiting until the last patch of an expansion to play there’s a problem.

That’s a start. I’m sure I can think of more ways.

I don’t care about streamers, and I don’t care if people like or don’t like them. It is, however, ridiculous to act like they are the only people (or even close to) to have gotten into the beta. A handful of streamers giving Blizzard free advertising aren’t the reason everyone else didn’t get in.

But there was no bait and switch and there was no fault advertising. If you think it was I would be interested in seeing your side of the story. I read the beta invitation advertisement and it never said or made it sound like being invited was guaranteed. I’ve been playing since Oct 2005 and I didn’t get an invite, but I’m not blaming Blizzard for it and I’m kind of grateful because I would spend so much time playing a character and trying to find bugs and then I would lose the work I had put into it when beta servers were shut down.

Ok it was a simple comment on how it was done and wasn’t the point but blizzard on the forums announced that they are no longer letting people in at this time.

However to get in you must subscribe. The information isn’t front and center when going through to request beta access or when you go to resubscribe that they are not sending out new invites at this time. You must spend time looking through the forums to discover this information.

As a new player or a player returning in hopes of getting access, you can’t reasonably be expected to spend your time reviewing the forums for information about the beta. This is a bait and switch. They are advertising the chance to get in but nowhere on a page related to the the sign up, or on where you pay to activate your subscription or the main page that informs you how to sign up for the beta are saying they are currently not offering beta access to any not already in it.

There is the possibility that they will open it up again but nothing saying that they will. That is where they are opening them selves up to a lawsuit.

Once again this wasn’t the point of my post. It was simply an observation. The post is about my experience and why I resubed.

Hard to claim bait and switch when you based your decision on the word of someone unaffiliated with Blizzard and didn’t check out the published conditions of the stress test and beta until after the fact.

The conditions should be plainly posted beforehand. It shouldn’t be hidden away where you have to know that something exists in order to seek it out. I freely admit I didn’t look into it. I also didn’t know to look into it. If it had been listed on the page or where you sign up for the beta I would have made an informed decision. Telling someone they are wrong for not looking at something they didn’t know existed in the first place is like telling someone they should have known better than to walk through poison oak when they have never heard of it. Ignorance is the basis of this problem.

I simply want blizzard to clearly express this before someone signs up so others don’t end up subscribing to try and get access to something that currently isn’t being offered. That can lead to a lawsuit and I want blizzard to avoid it.

It’s not bait and switch. Blizzard isn’t telling people they will get access to the beta if they are subscribed. You said it yourself it’s a chance to get in.

Did you realize it was for the first stress test?

They were plainly posted. In the news section on the 15th of May:

To fill our pool of beta and stress test participants, we’ll be choosing dedicated players who meet select criteria from both the WoW Classic beta opt-in and the standard Warcraft beta opt-in. Participants will also need to have an active subscription or active game time on their Battle,net Account. While opting-in to the beta is the primary way to make sure you’re in the running to join the test it doesn’t guarantee an invitation to the closed beta test. We may also consider additional factors such as how long a player has been subscribed to the game so that we have the right mix of players to ensure great feedback toward making WoW Classic the very best experience for the community.

I don’t see what that will do except force players to go to old content to farm mats. That’s not improved game play.

If you don’t want heirlooms don’t use them. Someone else using heirlooms does not affect you.


How do catch up mechanics affect you? If you get a friend of yours to play wow how long will it take until they can do the same content you are working on? I’ve been playing since Oct 2005 and I’m perfectly fine with people not having to run every dungeon and raid from classic all the way to the current game.

Nothing you mentioned would make any of the other content worth doing. What is needed is a level squish back down to 60. There is no way to make all 15 years of content relevant.