If the beta continues to be small

If the closed beta continues to be small in size then I’m not confident about the classic launch. I was able to attempt to participate in the stress test this week but didn’t actually get in until about midnight EST. Which made me rethink my plans for launch.

I was originally going to take that week off from work so that I could have time to play and spend time with my family as well. But after seeing how the stress test went and the fact that a blue post said

it’s making me think that the first week is going to be very frustrating for players trying to get into the game.

I’ve been watching beta play on youtube and while watching most areas look like ghost towns. There isn’t a large enough player base to have a southshore vs tarren mill fight. With the level capped at 30 you don’t have multiple raid groups bumping into each other at Blackrock . A few stress tests here and there will help but you need a constant load like it will be for the first month of release.

I thought I saw in a reddit post that someone used a census addon and it read about 8000 alliance players on the server during the stress test. And thats just alliance players. The beta is test the content, and the stress test is to test the server stability and the layering functionality. Why does act like they are owed a spot in the beta? Hell a month ago people were acting like they didnt care if there was a beta as long as the game released during the summer.

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Does anyone know what the actual closed beta population is? And OP what would be an acceptable volume? I have a hunch that your target beta population is “large enough that I get an invite”

That’s what all these posts are about. They just want in and will use whatever argument they can.

Sir, this is the walgreens prescription pick up drive through.

You have no idea what you’re talking about. There’s thousands on each faction, horde alone has two guilds that I know for sure have hit the 1k cap and have 200+ on at all times.

There’s been multiple 100+ people battles including one in Hillsbrad/Arathi that pretty much went back and forth the entire night.

This is a 2004 player beta. Enjoy the bench.