Are we stuck watching streams for the next 3 months?

Are we stuck watching streams for the next 3 months? I’m concerned that everything on the beta test will ruin the fun of the Aug release, If the Beta is prolonged due to stream hype. Is there a confirmed end beta date? Or is this it for the next 3 months.

Its a simple question. Go ahead flame me.

Edit: I agree with the thought “Don’t watch the streams don’t spoil it”. However iv spoiled this once already years ago on Nost so i’m not to awful concerned about myself more about the longevity of the community ( I know i sound reeeee).

I don’t want 6 months into Classic every other YouTube video flaming Blizzard for their short comings once again.


Basically. Blizzard has said they met their beta population quotas and are winding down invites. There still might be invites, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Typically, Blizzard ends the Beta on Launch Day

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I’m playing warthunder.

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I joined a Flames of War campaign. The battle of Kursk. That will certainly keep me busy for quite a while.

nono the might be invites are just streamers they forgot, like summit1g might eventually get the invite he wants- but they don’t need any more random people. They might let the stress testors into beta 2 months from now. They’re full.

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That’s why I said “I wouldn’t hold you breath”.

Then there is this:

No where does it say they are only inviting streamers or they are full.

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I’m really not here to be all " Why didn’t i get a key " . I get it they have their reason though I don’t agree with them. Ill just be bummed out if the launch go’s south because of these choices. Iv been a supporter of this for a long time (not a vocal one on forums) among my circle of friends. Ill feel let down if this happens.

It’s just a beta brother. On the 27th of August, it won’t matter. People have waited 12+ years, a few months more is not a big deal.



Classic releases on the 27th.

Yea lets hope im over thinking it lol.

Okay… I dunno why I got it in my head it was the 28th…

Maybe it’s an even number thing with me. :grin:

Eh, it’s fine dude. :slight_smile:

I don’t think you are.

There’s a reason all of the streamers have keys and none of our guildies who have played since actual vanilla don’t. It’s not a beta its a free advertising scheme. The twitch subbers are paying to advertise classic lol


I think you need to think about the streamers, they need content because most of them are void of any actual content. Blizzard is helping out the streamers man. you should feel blessed you have the opportunity to witness these streams

Nah I’m slowly leveling (lvl 23 NE rogue atm) and watching streams at the same time.

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I don’t understand your concern. The launch is going to be huge, a long beta is exactly what we need so that things get tested.


I logged on today. My toon is in my garrison, i opened my map, and logged logged out. I downloaded IL2 Sturmovik from Steam and watched Asmon/Esfand clear SM Cat.

I can’t pay modern wow. It just feels like a really bad solo campaign. Shame on you Blizzard for what you did to this great game.


Play on a private servers to test out different classes to kill time.

I played back when I was young and on Nost till it closed, Came back for legion and enjoyed it. I don’t really need to test anything out. I just want to play my shamy again.